.The Last Week.

Took a sneaky snap shot of baby boy as he was getting ready for work lol. It’s gonna be months later before I can capture you in a shot like this again …

Tuesday out & about with Claire darling! šŸ™‚

You know how girls love their locks? Im no exception and somehow, it seems to be taking me forever to grow my hair to my desired length. Just when it grows to a longer length, I often find myself having to go for a hair-trim to maintain the shape and rid of any dead ends and unfortunately, when that’s done it’s back to square 1 of having slightly shorter hair again. Seriously, how long is it ever gonna take me!Ā Another year? Speaking of hair, there’s a new ‘Vain Beauty’ outlet over at FEP, Bao Shuang and her gals seem to be thriving real well in this ‘hair extensions business’ ! Was telling baby that darn, i shld have foresee that trend and start a business in it!

In fact, the mere few hours with Claire babe didn’t seem enough as we wanted to proceedĀ on with a phone chat following our meeting. I didn’t think anyone would remember much about dates & details but thisĀ gal here really amazed me. She could actually recalled the exact date that I flew off to Japan a year ago, something which i frankly couldn’t even rmr lol. Plus that I was feeling unwell prior to leaving. Well well, What can I ever do without you dear?

Exam’s done, school’s out and finally, yea it’s time for us to have our well-deserved holidays! šŸ™‚

Missing those ‘oh-so-adorable’ shots of the hamsters? Some hamster loving before I head out!

Dustball – still behavingĀ like a little kid despite being a father himself lol!

Baby Runt! Remember then that he was the tiniest of the lot? Well well – he’s all grown up and a big boy now (bigger size than his dad lol ! šŸ™‚Ā  With his signature, cuteĀ little pinky nose.

First up, Camy and Juliet babes at Vivocity !

Looking back, it’s neat to see how our friendships have developed through the years. What started out as mainly a clubbing khaki ( the frequent girly nights’ out at clubs .. the dancing, drinking, dressing up!Ā ) have since evolved to something moreĀ substantial and deeper than justĀ pure fun & club. More in-depth talks about things that truly matter and the exchange of different opinions/views. Now that I think about it – I really do have to thank Olivia darl for some of the friends that I made in my life thus far –Ā Juliet, Camy ( The Sex & the City bunch! ), Su and a few others and yes, a particular Mr Teo. Ming Kiat too.

Please allow for some final camera loving times with the babes before the separation.

Look what Juls did specially for me. I always envyĀ people who received friendshipĀ collage from their other pals and never did think that I would finally receive it. Now, I can officially say that I have a friendship collage of my veryĀ own! As you know, no other ‘purchased’ gift beats (except maybe, a Balenciaga bag! Or a pair of Manolos. Or sth glittering from T&Co. haha, jk. ) a personal handmade gift such as this! It’s gonna be going into my luggage and off to US! Thanks babe šŸ™‚

Next up, Swensons for dinner with SIM pals.
* Cherie, Christine, Jane, Jia Zhen, Krystal, Loisa*

The last time that I gotĀ to see the girls beforeĀ heading off to UB and frankly, even though the parting ended off with good-bye waves, big hugs and smiles … it was howeverĀ a sense of sadness and sorrow that I feltĀ knowing that I wouldn’t get to see them for the next few months. After all, these are friends whom I see almost every weekday for my past 2yrs+ at SIM. The times that we had lunch together, the times we struggled through trying to complete our group projects & assignments, the times we secretly pass notes to one another in class cz the lecture is so darn boring, the times we gossiped and self-entertained ourselves – school wldn’t have been memorable without you guys.

Till we meet again, my dears!

Finally, look what I received in my mail box on a mid wkday! Something from Trixie babe (Lequinte). Handmade clay flower encasted in a 14K gold finish locket. Ah, theĀ feel of old-fashioned romance. Yea, just the perfect charm for me to bring over to US when Im missing the boy!

* last pic credit to lequinte

Time to stop procrastinating and start packing now!


2 responses to “.The Last Week.

  1. wahh some goodbye postttt this is. i’m glad u like it cos it took me a morning n a nite. i wanted to get everyone u noe to sign it but it was oh so time consuming. maybe u shld bring it so we can sign with markers, like superstar u noe, on the frame HAHA.

  2. wow, now not only do i have an official collage of my own – im gonna be honoured with autographs from u guys! šŸ˜› haha.
    i know! but dont you agree that the friendships amongst all of us have seen grown to be sth more deeper than the initial clubbing stage? right?! šŸ™‚

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