life makes you ponder … …

Ever feel that you are stuck in a rut? That there seems to be something wrong with the current picture despite living a rather perfect life? Or that you feel like you are a confused and lost soul and that life doesn’t seem to make much sense to you? Do you feel that life seems to be nothing but emptiness to you?

Life’s strange at times, isn’t it? Everyone aims to be happy and want to lead a life with purpose, passion & happiness but like what Eve said, “Contentment is the hardest thing to achieve in this world” . Life is never a pure Shangri-La, never so idyllic and never away from all those flaws that plunge us.

I think for the majority of us – especially living in an increasingly demanding and competitive country like Singapore, we don’t just want to lead an ordinary life – we want something extraordinary, something that allows us to push beyond what we think we can do and further allows us to explore the exciting opportunities that awaits us.

Joan Perry wrote in her book that the ‘Wheel of Life’ consists of 7 key elements: Family, Social, Career, Financial, Mental, Physical & Spiritual and that it is important for each individual to strike a healthy balance across all 7 elements in order to keep herself contented and fulfilled in life.

Will you finally reach that state of bliss and fulfillment knowing that you eventually work your arse off at becoming the high-flying career person that you always wanted to be since young? Maybe, just for a temporary moment but knowing human beings, there will always be other elements in life that will bring us down. Perry believes that while we might not think of such stuff at the point of time of our pursuit, we might however have moments later in life whereby we just wish that we could have devoted more time in pursuing the other factors in life (be it, in a relationship with GOD *religion* or to spend more time exercising and be healthy). After all, we do hear stories from friends’ friends or people whom we know personally who have devoted so much time in their careers or money-making that they eventually die young cz of a certain illness that plunge them. Or how some people lament their lack of love & social life because they spend so much of their time working and becoming successful. We all know of people who seem to lead such perfect and flawless lifestyles (that makes us go WOW! ) but deep down, they’re just like anyone on the streets – like you and me, who have vulnerable moments in our life and imperfections.

Quoted from somewhere, “Life feels like a plate spinner. Work, family, recreation and relationships can involve a blur of responsibilities that all need to be accomplished yesterday.”  It’s true – it’s always easier said than done. Who doesn’t want a balanced lifestyle right? I want, You want, everyone wants too. But it can be a bitch managing life and its priorities when time’s scare and there’s only so much energy that we can utilise each day.

1 simple question – Can we have it all in life?

It was reported once that the people of Bhutan (yes, where Carina Lau and Tony Leung got hitched at) are the happiest people on Earth and it’s often a cliche that sometimes, the happiest people are those who have less complicated life and less expectations in life. I’ve quite a number of friends who prefer to live in laid-back countries such as Australia, Canada or New Zealand any day over Singapore. Should we settle for something less but lead a generally happier life? Or is this just a form of naive idealism? Is there ever a way to achieve that level of contentment in life? Or are most people basically just expecting too much from life and themselves?

* Im feeling great about my life at this moment, but just wanted to pen down my reflection on life.


5 responses to “life makes you ponder … …

  1. hahah are u sure it’s settling for ‘less’? it could be settling for more in fact when you finally feel whole no matter what the circumstance. i found God and myself coming here, and tts the 2 most important things in life for me (tie between family and me of coz haha). yes, i believe you can achieve that level of contentment n satisfaction in life. i am living evidence that it’s not just naive idealism, it does and can happen =)) of coz it depends on the individual but sometimes you really could find more in a place where there’s less. haha the ironies of life.

  2. hey dear 🙂

    yea, i guess it really depends on individual and their thoughts on life and what they want out of it. i suppose, in singapore – it’s tough not to compare with others when it’s so competitive and hence, many feel the need to keep up with the Joneses and hence, that level of contentment is harder to achieve. what do you think? gosh babe, im leaving in 2days’ time! 😦 yeeks!

  3. I think being a student is great. I do feel tired sometimes when i’m looking out for the silver opportunity – sometimes i have so many things to do, i just feel like life is sooo difficult. and like its hard to breathe. but anyway. i believe in doing what you love most. really. of course its kinda impractical, but i believe if u allow urself to make it work, its possible.

  4. my prayers for you dear to have a safe flight and AWESOME time THERE!!! it’ll be swell =) ooo and btw,in reply to ur last comment, haha tts SO COOL abt our 10,000 mile telepathy still working lol. yea v competitive and stressful…but school here is like tt too =| sooo i duno, general lifestyle and cultures make all the change i guess. btw, i LOVE tt pic where’d u get it from?

  5. sara,

    i know. slightly more than 24hrs and im leaving on a jetplane! anyways, i google sth along the lines of ‘life ponders’ or ‘mediation’ … yup! google is awesome! 🙂

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