.another weekend just flew by.

Thursday @ Ms Clarity Cafe

I always dig a night out with my girlfriends. Tonight’s with Chern Chieh, Evelyn, Wendy, Rachel and Sahradah. It’s pretty amusing how we always ended up talking about a certain topic, without fail on all our gatherings. This is 1 crazy, superbly hilarious bunch of friends here and trust me, you will know that we’re in the house cz there’s never a silent moment with us around. I’ll miss all of you babes! Perhaps, a karoke session the next time round even though i admit that im a horrid singer.


Half of friday’s gone running errands.. STA card, health check and changing of new spectacles frame. How interesting eh. And here’s the 2 of us cam-whoring while trying out the different sunglasses. (i love the Fendi that im wearing but the price is OMG!). If you ask me, I would totally agree that we look ‘super poser’ in these shots lol.  

Here’s something for a change on our 7th monthiversary together. Something handmade, something personal, something that documents our journey together. Return to the olden days where people don’t use the various applications of internet to document their lives; instead, it was traditional scrap-booking and photo albums. I can’t even rmr when was the last time I actually sent pictures to be developed!

Kristin babe is 1 helluva busy gal and when she makes time for you, you know that you’re 1 important person in her life 🙂   And, we always have fun sharing our different travel experiences over a nice meal together!

Nothing extravagent, just a simple meal of ice milo, eggs and toast to fulfil our hunger pangs.

Like I mentioned once before, it’s a family affair when it comes to ‘The Mummy’ movie series so sat night’s spend with family and baby at the cinema.

.Movie Verdict.

You know how most of the time, the sequels to popular hit movies can never match up to the original and are “better left dead” ? As much as I love the ‘Mummy’ series, I can’t help but to comment that the 3rd movie pales in comparison with the previous 2. Let’s not even get to the plot – it’s more of like having all the action-packed scenes being lumped together and nothing substantial coming out of it. Well, being a ‘super-hero’ movie, there’s no denying when 1 says that the plot is pretty much predictable and like what my dad said, the suspense leading up to the plot or various scenes is rather weak too.

An action-packed movie, it sure it. The usual computer-generated action-adventure scenes – some might complain that it’s pretty cheesy & contrived but i did enjoyed it, gripping in some aspects to say the least. However, you can’t help but wonder what’s with the trend of having ‘the dead risen up from death and fighting against the evil-doers’ and having the screen pan out to a scene where a whole mass of good fight against the evil. (similar to that in LOTR, POTC). Quite cliche & over-used. Finally, you got to give both Brendan Fraser & John Hannah credits for adding a little humour and regeneration to the otherwise lacklustre film. 🙂

All that aside, for all guys out there – there’s a valid reason why you SHOULD catch ‘The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor’! Isabella Leong! She’s such an eye-candy ( sounds like I might have some girl tendencies here but hey, everyone loves to look at attractive people. Dont you too?) Probably, the next ‘Zhang Ziyi’. Baby, here’s some pretty pics for you too oogle at lol :p


Everyone’s supposed to be hitting their books for the final revision prior to examination but if you know me, im 1 big procrastinator lol. decided to do my nails in preparation for my trip. Anyone wants a cheap deal on mani/pedi? Yea, i did a package of both classic mani and pedi for only $30 !!! Great deal! Pretty happy with my clean and polished nails, rid of cuticles and dry skin! 🙂

1 thing that Im definitely gonna miss when Im over there is the hawker and local feast! Esp. my fav. sliced fish soup! Somehow, I have a very strong feeling that im gonna be putting on alot of weight being in a fast food nation which sees coke as its daily dose of water lol.


5 responses to “.another weekend just flew by.

  1. i guess isabella’s the only good thing out of mummy 3 eh love.

    anyway, i’m kinda missing you before i sleep. thus explains this random comment.


  2. isabella leong!!!!

  3. super chio right?!! 😛

  4. isabella looks very much like erm.. whatshername? AH keira knightly (okay i cheated, when to google her name)

    ANYWAY, scrapbooking! it came out in the newspapers that it’s an old hobby coming back into the scene again! =D

    but very lazy to do lar… however, i think developing pictures are important. some nice ones to keep. i mean, who knows what will happen to one’s computer? And i never did enjoy reading/looking at things on the computer. it’s always nicer to take out an album and flip thru all the pictures we’ve taken together! =)

  5. so, she’s the chinese version of keira knightley then! 🙂

    i know! me too, with the convenience of technology and the internet, i find myself becoming lazier to head all the way down to a photo-film shop just to get the pics developed. but i would agree with you – i prefer the good old days of snail mails and physical xmas cards over e-cards and emails anyday (other than that we have to pay for stamps lol).

    good luck for final paper and we’ll have swensons for dinner to celebrate! 🙂

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