.happy 7 months.

Yet the start of another month, and yet another blog post dedicated to it.
It’s gonna be our last monthiversary together before I leave for US. 4 mths of separation.  Come 12th August, that’s something that Im gonna have to master. Many have asked if I would miss you throughout my stay there. Inevitably, the answer is ‘yes… definitely the next person i’ll miss most other than my family.’
Happy 7 mths, MK baby. ♥

.Me & You.


4 responses to “.happy 7 months.

  1. haha!!! yes, i will. life’s gonna be different without you guys when i have been with you for like, 2.5 yrs already!!! lol. i make it sound like we’re all lovers, haha. 7th august – it’ll be awesome! 🙂

  2. hey ! im celebrating my 7monthversary with my bf on the 6th Aug ! two of u look great !

  3. thanks dear 🙂 you and your bf too, always love reading how sweet the both of you are towards each other too! enjoy your 7th monthversary with him! 🙂 3 days more to go!

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