Doing some random checking of my past emails and I realised that I have yet to post some of those fun and silly old’ shots of my SIM friends and me. Some serious, serious damage that we had done to ourselves with such modifications and distortions.


.The birthday day gal.
Guess what my lovely sister got for her 18th birthday?
The stylish & latest gadget from Samsung.  
.Samsung Omnia, all sleek & loaded with top-of-the-line multimedia functions.

My! If I were to place my samsung hp beside her’s … it would certainly pale in comparison!


And finally, I got myself a new but cheap ♥ pendant for my hp charm, engraved with LOVE and twinkle with a little ‘diamond’ (of course, it aint real!). Now, I have ‘love from everyone’ wherever I go.

Speaking of loves, I think I’ve found a new love: Brendan Fraser. Now, i usually don’t make it a habit to catch movies in the cinemas (ex!) unless I really think it’s worth it. But I might just make another exception for the 2 upcoming action-packed movies. It’s just a pure coincidence that Brendan Fraser will be starring in those summer-blockbusters.

If you know me, I’ve always been fascinated with pyramids, mummies, and all the mystery that surrounds them and although the ‘Mummy’ movie series reflect nowhere near the historical truth, it’s still a movie that I wldn’t miss watching. In fact, my entire family is hooked to the trilogy.

I know. How can anyone not read the book ‘ Journey to the center of the Earth’ ? Unfortunately, I’m 1 of those. However, a ride down ‘to the center of the earth’ ( at Japan DisneySea) changed my mind and Im determined to watch this movie for a summarized version of the book lol.


3 responses to “.random,random.

  1. OMG!! Its THAT phone!! One of the latest gadgets.. =D

  2. haha! how come u always seem to be online whenever i just post a new entry lol! haha, yea.. i know! she’s really lucky lol.. i was practically drooling over her new hp too! hrmph. haha.

  3. really? didn’t knew it. Just happen to click and read. lols

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