.what a weekend of festivals!.


Night Festival with babes – Juliet, Olivia, Su 🙂

Have you ever seen the National Museum being lighted up at night and looking all glorious against the midnight backdrop? Here’s your chance now, in seeing the museum being transformed into the many facades works of art! On till 3rd August, dont miss this chance!

The camera is vital in capturing the best and most unforgettable moments.


So, while Saturday’s gone with completing advertising project (very unfortunate), Sunday’s a great day out with the boy! You know, how many Singaporeans love to complain about how boring this little island is. I beg to differ though – there’re actually many things that 1 can do to enrich or add in a little excitment to their lives. Look! just for this weekend itself, I attended not 1 or 2 but 3 festivals!

Singapore Heritage Festival – Vintage Car Showcase

I’ve always told baby that i would pick a vintage car anyday, over those flashy Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini. It’s what I would call a true hard-found gem in the automobile crown if you ever do own such a precious beauty. It’s such a pity that this event wasn’t really publicised and hence, there was a pathetic turnout for it. 

Old-school van! Do you even see such vans around these days!?

My all-time favourite! Sexy Vintage Baby from the 1930’s. Look at just how well-maintained this precious is. And check out the number of awards that it won. WOW.

.Singapore Garden Festival.

Been to the previous one held in 2006 with Cherie, Jocelyn, Jia Zhen and I told myself that I would attend the next one so here I am with MK baby for SGF’ 2008 ! 🙂  Been bugging him about this event ever since we went to a similar one on a special 16th Feb.

Here’s a teaser of the grandeur artworks that you can expect!


There’re too many pictures and none of which do justice to the real deals. A sneak preview of what you can view if you were to head down for SGF. Trust me, for just $3 (wkday price) – it’s really worth every of your cent. Well, that’s if you can ignore the madness of the crowd.

Here’s some of my favourites 🙂

I call this “Secret Garden”. Look at how they create the morning mist fused with the dawn sunrays. And frankly, if i do live in the countryside – this would be the exact landscape that I would want at my backyard to make it picture-perfect. A sanctuary in the garden.

An oriental loving for you now. And you guess it right… who else but designers from China could come up with such an oriental exhibition!

It’s time for some Japanese influence. Something less far-fetched and more practical – I could get used to having this exterior garden architecture at my backyard for my future house. A fusion of water features, greenary, pebbles and gravel paths … sounds like what most would call perfect feng shui!

The ‘All-Time Favourite’ display, as voted by the mass. True indeed, while all the displays astounded me .. this one just simply surpasses all my expectations! ‘Under the Sea’. True indeed, I felt as if I was a mermaid living thousands leagues under the ocean. Ever so surreal, it brings out the ‘fantasy side’ of me. You must simply see it to believe it.

It’s not all just landscaping done by professionals and experts. Even the little kids from kindergarden to students from JCs had their chance at trying to come up with something original. And honestly, Im impressed by the ingeunity that some of these students have! Imagine trying to utilise tires, computer keypad and even a fan to incorporate to the floral arrangement. Honestly, if you ask me – I’m jealous that I didn’t thought of such innovative ideas before! lol.

Here’s the boy reliving his childhood memories and acting all “kiddish”! Somedays, I really have no idea what’s gotten into him…

Surrounded by flowers and more flowers, I would call this ‘paradise in heaven’.

Falling in love with you over & over again, you’re always driving me insanely in love!

Happy memories that we both share …
We’ll be back for more floral-loving come 2010.


Who says that it’s all just boyfriend and love and no time for anything else? Now now, a separation from the boy is good and there’s always time for girlfriends. The company of Sok Yin dear is without a doubt, countless of fun. Hungry and starved, we devoured into our food immediately. Nobody else does western soup as yummy as Soup Spoon.


Lazy to wait for the ridiculously long toilet queues over at bugis, we decided to sneak into the pristine clean restroom over at Intercontinental Hotel. And yes, never missing a chance for a pic opportunity.  

It’s 3am now and Im still wide awake. Craving for yummy french fries now.


4 responses to “.what a weekend of festivals!.

  1. Keep the pictures coming in dear~! Nice blog entry…

    Don’t forget to update your blog with lotsa pictures when you are over at UB..


  2. hey dear! 🙂

    go for SGF! 🙂 If you love the previous one (which i vividly rmr u did) ,you’ll adore this one too.

    Cya in school in erm, 1.5 hrs’ time! time for me to go wash up and prepare soon too, haha. can’t be late man…

  3. wow! the pics are amazing, wish i were there to see all those beautiful flowers and landscapes! man-made but so glorious!!

  4. yea man, i know u would soooo love it too babe! nature and greenary 🙂 although im sure that canada has their very own ‘international flower festivals too’ 🙂

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