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*Ashleen- thanks for your nice comments! btw, i used ’segoe script’ for the fonts! I love the “handwriting script” too lol  )

.Friends & Thoughts.

 Met up with Friend A (she doesn’t want to be disclosed) and soy hoon dear on Tuesday. You know, sometimes- it’s magical how friendships and friends are. Something happened and basically, A and me didn’t get the chance to keep in touch with each other (Despite being close pals prior to this) for the entire of this year till now. It’s a long, complicated story but to cut it short, I didn’t think that things will resume the way like it was back then. Sometimes, once ‘a trust is broken’, it’s hard to ignore the past and reconcile. Yet surprisingly, all it took was some clarification and heart-to-heart talk and we’re back on track once more. No “hard feeling…”, nope. Perhaps, it got to do with the foundation of the friendship to begin with. Just makes me wonder – had it been a casual friend, would the ending have been the ‘happy ending’ that it is now? Most probably not… heck, it probably wldn’t even mattered in the first place. I suppose ‘tolerance’ and ‘understanding’ are the key factors to some of our most meaningful friendships – as quoted from a site, ‘Tolerance beings with it a unity of spirit, develops a bonding between hearts and strengthens each one in the desire to be virtuous.”

I know I’ve been on this topic of ‘friendship’ quite a fair bit but as i was making my way home just now, I happened to see a group of Japanese women (probably in their 40s and 50s) gathering together and all hyped up about their 3hrs long walk along the broadwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir. Couldn’t help it but smile when I saw the sight of these ladies all bubbly and energized about meeting one another – and it made me wonder if i could be in the exact same position 30 yrs down the road with my fellow group of close gfs. I know it’s not easy – once working life starts, that’s when everyone gets more involved in their careers and the pursuit of career satisfaction, promotions and climbing the corporate ladder. We all know how work can snap so much of our energy and time, and at times, if you say so – the positive energy that we have. And before you know it, some of your friends will probably get hitched and settle down with their own families. Time’s scarce and with so many other priorities, i reckon it wouldn’t be as easy for meet-ups as it is for us while we’re still schooling.

But one thing I like is the fact that for my close girlfriends-  life goes on for each of us – school, boyfriends/girlfriends, part-time work, etc – we might not meet each other that frequently (say, once in every 2-4 mths or in the case of sara love, it’s once/yr! ) but when we do meet up, the time spent is fulfilling and indeed, very meaningful. We understand that each of us have our own life and we don’t demand for each other’s time..  Like 1 of my wise friend said – it’s not the quatity, not the number of times that friends meet up, but rather so – the quality of time spent together that makes a friendship ever more special than average. I used to think that the quantity matters but now that I’m older, I begin to see that it’s more than just the figures & numbers.  Wouldn’t be surprised at all if im still in close contact with my fellow girlfriends decades down the road.  🙂


.Money Talks.

So many random thoughts and 1 that’s at the top of my mind now is money and savings. i know money can make the world go round but honestly, sometimes i hate money talks – it’s sooo stressful with the increasingly expensive cost of living in singapore lol.

Here’s some ‘super saving’ methods as suggested by Cleo magazine and fp!

– Cab rides are a huge waste of money.
So true, I love public transport and always prefer those to cabs anyday. but being the procrastinator I am, i can be late for sch at times and that’s when i have to relunctantly wave for a cab. Bad, bad habit – seriously, I need to learn to be on time!

– Start shopping at heartland areas!
You would be surprised but some of my fav. places to shop for tops/accessories are This Fashion, Top 20, Song & Song at my favourite heartland areas (amk, tpy!). Cheap and frankly, look pretty decent. But no doubt about it, I indulge in a little of shopping at slightly expensive places once in awhile.   

-No impulse shopping! Have a thorough thought process.
Fully agree with this. Believe in making a list of things that I want to get, and the reasons of getting them.

– Drugstore brands are good too.
I love Watsons! Enuff’ said. Even my water bottle comes from there lol.

So far, im pretty alright & happy with the way I manage my spending and saving but of course, you know – we can always do better when it comes to saving. Im no exception too.

I would very much like to try the following methods:

As much as i dont enjoy carrying heavy bags, im however gonna try make it a habit to carry a bottle of water with me everywhere i go now. Saves on buying drinks when Im out!

Throwing at least a $1 coin into a piggy-bank. Sounds like what we did when we were young but hey, that’s abt an extra $30 saved/mth!

– I have this bad habit of leaving the main plug swtiched on even if im not using electrical appliances. Now, calls for the time to start swtiching off the main plugs when not in use.

– Keeping track of expenses! Im old-school so perhaps, a ‘pen-paper’ method of keeping track of daily expenses would be good to start with. Main problem = troublesome! haha.


 So, with less than 3wks left to my trip – it becomes inevitable that the next concern that i have in my mind is the type of clothes that i shld bring over for my stay at UB. Frankly, im pretty lost about ‘what to pack and what are the neccessary stuff that i shld have.’ If you guys know me well enough, I can never bring enough of stuff overseas and very often, it’s alot of accessories and a wardrobe full of clothes lol.! Samuel knows best – he says that all girls will need to bring enough clothes just so that they can alternate the clothes and not wear a repeated outfit in the same week lol. Sounds like erm, me.. haha.

  Really love Rachel Bilson’s sense of style! Though I reckon that when winter comes, i’ll need ALOT more warmer clothes to tide me through the freezing winter months.

Trying to multi-task now. The boy wants to put together a photo album of some of our most memorable times together, so that I can look through them when Im at UB. Hence, here i am looking through the hundreds & hundreds of pictures trying to choose the selected ones! Not an easy task, I must say when there’s an abundance of pictures to choose from lol.

Out with the girls for Night Festival in a few hours’ time! Saturday’s supposed to be reserved for ‘garden festival with baby’ but perhaps, it’s got to be postponed for assignment  😦



4 responses to “.random thoughts.

  1. hey babe, i realise, i always aren’t able to talk to u properly when we’re out cos we’re alw in a group. its so hard to steal time from u! oh well, do email/blog when u’re in US ok?

  2. hey babe!! haha. that’s why for my close gfs- i usually prefer meeting up one-to-one or maybe, 2 pax cz when it’s out in a group, it gets really hard to get more “heart-to-heart” talk. true right?

    yes! i’ll definitely be emailing u guys 🙂

  3. hey. i put “coins of the day” into my piggy bank. HAHA. though it may not be $1. lol. mainly those 10cents, 20cents. haha! if not once in a while, i’ll dump in $2 notes when i have excess. HAHAHAHA

    and used to keep track of my daily expenses till eventually, i got lazier… and the book then disappeared. HAHAHA :p

  4. haha. i know!!! it takes ALOT ALOT ALOT of discipline to keep track of daily expenses man. honestly, i havent started on that habit yet but managed to be in line with the ‘piggy bank’ savings SO FAR lol! :p

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