.21st, 21st, 21st.

Get the latest copy of CLEO magazine right at this instant lol.
Rmr the sentosa outing I had with my lovely girlfriends? Yea, we are featured in the CLEO’s biggest fashion shot ever albeit being 1 of the many many 420 girls who turned up too!

Trying spotting us in the midst of the crowd.

Here’s a clue made easier for you! *please – oli and i are the ONLY 1s lying down lol*

Half of 2008 is gone and yes, everyone has either became 21 or is on their way on turning a big 21…Friday’s such love with soy hoon babe! Happy 21st Birthday,my dear 🙂 Welcome to the world of independence. 


Egyptian Restaurant off at Haji Lane. The food’s good & really hearty. Reminds me of the daily egyptian feast that i had during my vacation to the land of mystery and exotic last year. but we came out of the place all, coated with a layer of oil and smelling of kebab & sweat!

That girl got herself in for a surprise when 2 of her besties and bf popped by with a chocolate-mint cake and a lovely bouquet of roses (admit it, no matter how impractical flowers are, we still love receiving them anyday!). I always go ga-ga over surprises like this, should see the smile on Soy’s face! She was brimming with happiness the whole time after that lol.

It’s another 21ST BIRTHDAY celebration over at Little Bali (i love this place!) come Saturday! MK’s good pal, Seno’s birthday. Yup, that’s the handsome Indian guy in the middle and by his side, it’s another of MK’s good friend – char, Seno’s gf! An interracial relationship, reminds me of my previous r/s lol.

I’ve been to many 21st birthday parties this year. Oh well, everyone’s turning 21 after all right?! But this has got to be 1 of the most entertaining 1 i’ve ever been to. Games, Contests, MC host and even a Balinese dance performance just for the guests all set in the midst of a very Balinese-greenary ambiance. Another thing I realised about Indian birthday celebrations is how family-oriented these gatherings are 🙂  Everyone helps in 1 way or another – whether it’s the decorations or planning of the games & dance performance, food … It’s heart-warming in a way to see how close-knit the family can be (distant relatives included) in this modern age whereby young adults have the higher tendency to disregard the importance of kinship.

The poly friends taking part in a contest!

MK with his “broomstick = guitar ” !

Even the little kids had their turn at the “dancing” contest too! Everyone’s favourite moments!

This little boy here is the ”Michael Jackson in the-making”. Seriously, everyone and i mean EVERYONE was awed by his dancing skills despite being only so young! He’s good!

Yes, more pictures of us both together!

It’s a weekend of 21st Birthday parties.. unfortunately, I can’t make it for both Amelia’s & Shi Xing’s birthday celebrations – but HOPE you guys had a blast for your birthdays 🙂 🙂  And yes Sara love, Im jealous! That girl’s friends back at Vancouver actually surprised her with a Limousine (mind you, a stretch-limo!) Birthday Party! And I thought such parties only happen to those rich, wealthy kids from MTV MY SWEET 16 shows lol.

Yes, im starting to love doing crafts more often than before now. Makes me smile & relax whenever Im not in the exact best of mood.

.pretty clay flower rings.

And my best masterpiece thus far lol. I call it “Ticking Away in Time”.

Speaking of time. Time’s ticking and it’s just another 3weeks more before I depart for New York. I would call what im experiencing at the moment a fusion of both excitment & hype and a sense of dreading for that day to come. Excitement! It’s the BIG APPLE that we’re talking about – The city that never sleeps so for obvious reasons, Im super keen to visiting the place and yes, due to the lack of time – we’ll be doing very touristy-stuff lol. Sight-seeing and shop. But let’s also not forget about the main reason of my trip – yes, UB. It’s not gonna be as easy as to just concentrate on studies and getting good grades for the modules. It’s gonna involve more – having to commit to household chores (cleaning and tidying the room, doing your own laundry), buying groceries and cooking, managing your own finances, etc. This process of “maturing and independent living” enthuses me. Also, the fact that i’ll probably get to meet alot more people from various races so it’s an eye-opener experience to get to learn more about different, diverse cultures.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t deny that ‘changes’ is something that I might take some time and effort adjusting to. Yes, being home-sick and knowing that your very loved ones wldn’t be physically there to give u the emotional support. Distance plays a part and it’s a factor that penerates fear in me. It’s probably moments like this whereby you would truly learn to cherish the ones closest to you and not take them for granted for you know how blessed you really are to be surrounded with so much love back in your homw country. But I know, at the end of the day that if im going there, i have to fully utilise this experience and get the best that I can out of it.

There’s so much things on my mind now. Preparation of the trip (yes, it seems like a never-ending process). Money, money, money concerns. On a happy note, I managed to switch to a lower-priced airfare ticket so saving me $450 ! 🙂  Something’s been bothering me a little lately. Im really tired of having to please everyone. Stop imposing your standards of “what you think is right-or-wrong” onto others. I believe that everyone knows how to go about prioritizing and organising their lifestyles and needs so give them a break from your rantings and judgements. No one needs such shit from you.


6 responses to “.21st, 21st, 21st.

  1. hey babe! enjoy ur last month in lovely sg, i’m missing tt sweet island =P i hate it when ppl push their agendas in my face like they know how to lead life best too, different situation from yours but u prob rmb what i’m referring to..haha

  2. babe,u know what? initially, i didn’t know it’s u till i saw your email and im like “that’s sara!!!”. lol. i forsee that we’ll be commenting more on each other’s blogs now that u got wordpress too! anyways, yea… it’s frustrating aint it? i mean, everyone chooses how they want to lead their own life – regrets or what-aside- so dont try to tell them how to go about leading their lives man…

  3. hi deario!….
    thanks for posting the cleo photo
    …been wanting to see since u said abt the cannot-find-you photo
    ..it was super coolio!
    now that you post, I dun nid to buy alr..haa~

    u post my photos despite my nagging yo~
    but since ur cam’s blur lens came out so great after all~…hmmm

    keep in contact stephio!~….

  4. soy!!! haha, erm.. yea in the end i posted the pics lol 😛 but you look good, plus it’s your bdae my dear! 🙂

    i know, its soo difficult to spot me in the pic lol. the only thing that stands out is that im lying down, in the midst of everyone else who was sitting down lol.

  5. hey! hahhaa, btw i forgot to mention in my prev comment tt i LOVE ur ticking away in time design, i would buy it from u if i were there!!! haha, yes it’s easier to start commenting on ppl’s blogs when uve act got ur own too..rmb to comment on mine! =) love.

  6. haha, i love it too! 🙂 it’s my fav and my achievement! haha. okay, i will. have u gotten my email? just emailed u, love!

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