Just received a confirmation email from the crew of “The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet” at FOX studios, NYC! Cherlynn and I are gonna be part of the audience for a LIVE show and continental breakfast from Au Bon Pain will be provided too! So exciting, haven’t been involved in a live television taping before! Main disadvantage? We have to be there before 7.45am! Ah, and we aint exactly early birds, esp. on a vacation lol !


Haha. That silly boy! Just received a letter from him. As quoted “Hand delivered with Love” 😛 An old-fashioned love letter in the mailbox from him lol. Who still does things like this nowadays?

Hmm, sometimes – we hear people saying you never know how true One’s love can be until the relationship is tested against a “crisis or a difficult patch”. So true. MK baby is having a little difficulty with some issues at the moment and I know it’s been bothering & stressing him out alot lately. Been helping him to work things out together & taking small positive steps towards the solution. I believe that by going through such a challenge together, it will only serve to strengthen the relationship that we both share and bring it forth to another level. What’s a relationship if one party leaves the other in lurch when a problem arises?! Baby’s sooo adorable, keeps thanking me non-stop. Yes dear, i heard you and i love you so dearly too. Such an integral part of my life 🙂 On another note, we’re also on a “cut back, save $” track, trying to spend less on our dates (honestly, now- we are such a ‘stay at home couple’ lol !) & save.



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