Chilled out at Nicole darling’s cozy home on Thursday…

She sure wasn’t kidding when she said that her room is 1 cozy spot and a great place for chill-out sessions with friends. Look! A swinging chair & a hammock right on top of her bed, which is basically a risen wooden platform with cushions & comforters. A nice fusion of balinese and native Americans’ influence (you shld see the astonishing number of feather necklaces & dream-catchers and trinkets that this girl has!).

Dear working hard at whipping up the various dishes for our dinner.. While yours truly excelled at slacking.

Fried chicken, with leeks & mushroom flavouring, yum.

Nicole baby’s delicious salmon-mushroom pie! Yes babe, it was truly tasty and I will be counting the days till the next home-cooked food session.

Honestly, I love this girl. No one else I know does things like this girl and that’s the reason why I thoroughly enjoy her company. Unfortunately, she’s 1 busy bee lol 😛  takes me ages to find the right time to meet up with her. More dates please, NO MORE 7mths wait in-between lol.

One particular topic that we talked about that really intrigued me and kept me pondering is the idea of wanting a simple life and being easily contented with what we already have. But come on, we both know it’s Singapore that we’re talking about. Fast and competitive pace of living – always the constant need to join the rat race … to excel in our careers, qualifications. At times, if you don’t match up to the others – you’re out, yes the inevitable societal pressure. Oh yes, and money & saving. Im on this guilt trip of knowing that I would be spending a bomb from my own savings on this UB trip and all the expenses that come along with it. But I tell myself that it’s worth the investment and experiences and yes, that makes me feel much better 🙂

Im so happy to see Nicky lavishing so happily in the simple things in life that she enjoys – cooking, sewing, and in her own words “being a Stepford Housewife” on her off-days from work. Gives her the time to breathe and remain sane in this “dog eat dog world”. True indeed sometimes, life’s gotten to a point that it’s so hectic and stressful that it becomes easily to lose one’s perspective of the meaning of life. If it’s not the constant struggle to have to maintain the grades, then it’s the need to find relevant jobs for prior job experience or jobs to fund for the extra allowance. I admit, I want to try my utmost best in the things I do and not remain behind. It’s easy to get caught up with the race and pressure. And when there’s free time at hand, I certainly jump at the opportunity to meet up with friends for catch-up sessions or just having a blast together. As much as i love and enjoy the company of my friends and i guess, being a ‘workaholic every now & then’, there are times whereby i truly just want some time-out. Just time for myself and yes only myself. I don’t wish to eschew time with friends or loved ones just for myself – like I always say, if i could i would love for more time and energy just so that I can cater and be there for everyone but frankly, it comes to a point whereby Im just tired. I can’t please everyone and if anyone’s ever disappointed in me for not living up to your expectations, Im sorry but I want to live a life for myself and to do things that would take my mind off the hustle & obligations in life. I would love to sit by the river bank and read a novel all afternoon … or set a picnic at Botanic Gardens and people-watch … walk around the estate and admire the exterior designs of the houses. Or do more crafts, which I recently picked up. It’s nice to have some time alone to recollect one’s thoughts, to rejuvenate oneself and get fully recharged.
I want that.


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  1. This is so far the most meaningful post I have ever read in my life. Whatever you have said is always what I always feel but I can’t picture it clearly what’s happening and what I want. You just found out for me what’s reality and what most people in Singapore always wanted.

    Thanks girl =)) I am enlightened and inspired by you! haha

  2. hi babe! 🙂

    oh, thank you so much. that’s a really nice comment that you left too. I honestly hope it works out well eventually for you too. we do all need just a break for ourselves, even if it’s just for awhile 🙂

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