Ahh, been so busy with new school project & quizzes … planning of NYC itinerary ( exciting! cherlynn babe & i got most of our places of attraction planned out. Makes me REALLY looking forward to visiting the BIG APPLE !!! Too little days, too much stuff to do. ) … meeting up with gf darls … and other exciting plans in the pipeline.


Final meet-up with sara love before she flew back to Vancouver, as well as a mini-reunion gathering with the gals 🙂  We even took neoprints (so yesterday!) just to reminise about the good old times that we had back in secondary school.

You know that I miss your company and all the fun moments that we shared through the month of June!


You can never guess where the both of us head to on a Saturday night. Nope, not clubs or parties but on an ‘Urban Legends Tour’ organised by API ( http://www.api.sg/). Quite an adventurous couple that we are lol. Know what’s the most ironic thing of it all? Im a TOTAL COWARD when it comes to supernatural stuff … seriously!! I get freaked out with the slighest thing ever, when it comes to dealing with the supernatural and unknown. Baby, now you know the timid side to Steph lol.

Spastic shots prior to our journey into the UNKNOWN.

* no pics of locations as I don’t want to risk taking pics of anything unwanted, if you guys get what i mean*

Pasir Ris Swamp – Highlight of this visit? To be able to see fireflies – all lighted in green against the backdrop of darkness. Who knows that we can still spot fireflies on this little island that we call Singapore?

Changi Mystery: Old Changi Hospital, Former Commando Barracks – I never ever thought that I would step foot into the allegedly “most haunted place in Singapore” but yes, i did so last Sat. Perhaps thanks to the large crowd of us (50 pax), it actually didn’t appear to be as spooky or eerie as claimed. But of course, put me there alone or as a couple, you can be sure that I would be scared at wits end!

Ponggol Urns Forest – Over 1000 urns found in a strange structure in the midst of the forest. Tiring. Trekking into the foresty woods late into the night. Nothing could be more spookier than this. Quite disappointing in the sense that the urns turned out to be nth other than decoration structures but 1 thing that we learnt is that this area used to be the site of the very 1st ZOO in Singapore. Not Mandai, but a zoo started by some Chang Brothers! Interesting, I never knew that …

Marsiling Tunnel – The infamous tunnel which rumours state that links Spore to JB. Proven untrue by yours truly. And yes, more trekking. Frankly, this trip turned out to be more of a night hiking trip with the amount of exercise and walking that we did. Thankfully, we were greeted with this pretty view at the very end:

Cemetery Village, Bukit Brown Cemetery – Visiting a cemetery at night is NO joke. No lights available, and you have freakin huge ants running up your legs. It’s quite atrocious if you were to ask me but hey, we roughed it out. It amazes me how the caretaker is actually able to build a living space for himself out of a tombstone. Yes, the tombstone was the center piece of his living space and honestly, the place looked like it just came out of war or something similar. But yet, I have full admiration for him for having the guts to stick it out being a caretaker at a cemetery and being almost the only living amongst the dead.

All that amount of exercising made us severly famished and off to our favourite supper hangout, Tong Shui.


Loving every minute of her company 🙂


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