A really mundane and nothing-better-to-do post about daily raves and rantings.

Short meet-ups with Sara love and MK baby. Congrats to him for being accepted to UniSA. Ready to embark on your university journey? 🙂  it’s not an easy journey … coping both full-time work albeit ns and studying part-time and still having to pay back the bank loan w interest rates once it’s due. So proud of my boy! Am checking out on cheaper educational loan packages for him right now.

Just read an interesting thread on “Stingy Boyfriends or Significant Other” – On how girls view bfs who rather spend on other expenses such as car, latest gadgets, gaming or anything else rather than on their gfs. Seems like there’s quite a no. of gfs or ladies out there who feel that it’s a big turn-off when guys rather spend more on other stuff than on their gfs and on the relationship. Understandable.

Personally, i believe it’s a nice bonus when the guy offers to pay for most of the dates and the expenses incurred during the dates. THANK YOU baby 🙂  Yes, bonus but not a neccessity. Going dutch isn’t wrong and 1 should not expect the other party to pay for all the dates too. It’s so weird how females these days would like to be portrayed as financially independent and capable … to be of the same level as men and yet for some of them, they actually expect their bfs or SO to buy extravagent things such as luxury goods ( Prada, Chanel, Dior, u name it!) or foot for their shopping expenses AT ALL TIMES. ( haha* Professor Bob said that humans are conradictory creatures … and i guess in many ways, it’s so true. I know I can be very fickle-minded at times too lol. ) I guess it’s alright if the guy pampers the girl – afterall, all females love a little pampering & loving sometimes .. aint i right, ladies? – by purchasing something expensive or luxurious once in awhile but to require him to do so all the time? I think that’s a little too much isn’t it?!? If the girl is able to earn her own money and both parties are say, of roughly the same financial status, i thus don’t see why the gfs cannot foot for their own shopping sprees. Bfs & SO aint cash cows. And the money spent doesn’t exactly equate to how much the other party loves you. Spending more does not mean that the other party loves you more, simple as that. Go get a sugar daddy if that’s what that pleases.

The term “stingy” is very subjective, due to an individual’s opinion. To me, a big no-no when it comes to guys, would be if they ask the gfs to pay for their dates majority of the time or when they even have the cheek to borrow money from the gfs and keep coming up with a thousand and 1 reasons to delay the payment. Or when they feign ignorance when it comes to special occassions such as Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, etc just to escape from having to buy gifts or have a simple celebration with their gfs. Now, something’s got to give once in awhile, aint it so?


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  1. what’s a sugar daddy?

    And yep i agree! I personally prefer to go dutch, cause if we go out so often, that poor guy’s gonna go broke, and besides, i’d want to go out with him too, i can’t expect him to pay for everything!

    Then again, i would like him to insist on paying SOMETIMES. It’s kinda nice, someone paying for you and showing you a little love haha >.< But it shouldn’t be required all the time =))

  2. sugar daddy = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_disparity_in_sexual_relationships

    yea… i think it’s great and a bonus if the guy offers to foot for dates and all but of course, just like how we gals love to be pampered and showered with love … i think gals could either get occasional gifts or pay for the expenses of certain dates to express the same sort of feelings towards the guys.

    and yes, being a girl myself.. i would never say no if the guy wants to pay lol. oh-so-typical 😛

  3. loisa act innocent… sugar daddy she don’t know?? lol…

  4. hey babe – we shld be heading to the clubs on fri. lina’s birthday. sorry for late notice, been super busy with work. heard that advertising n promos has called ling, hows things on ur side?

  5. ahem ahem i AM an angel hahaha! okay now i know what it is. kenneth was once called a sugar daddy, but i just laughed along without knowing what it meant hahaha

    yeah kind steph =) your boyfriend’s real lucky to have YOU, just as you are to have HIM! =)

  6. haha. NOW u know what a ‘sugar daddy’ means lol. 😛 hahaha.

    yea, MK! hear that? “Your bf is real lucky to have YOU.” lol. Count your blessings 😛

  7. honestly, unless your friend is really loaded, i don’t recommend her working for smitten. you have to be LOADED and also, able to withstand the pressure. It’s not the scolding that will get you down, but lugging around the heavy clothes, and having to drop everything at their whim to do things for them. i shan’t elaborate, but let’s just say up till now, i haven’t got my $200 taxi claims, but i stll have to do writing for them. it’s not worth it.

  8. juliet –

    yea, i just read your blog. seems like poor management on their part. i hope you guys get your money real soon man, if not it’s even worst than mine (the pay at my previous company was pathetic enuff) – free labour! gosh. yup, thanks for the advice.

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