.post-exam happiness.

Post-exam = Freedom + Relaxation. Weekends, without any worry of not being able to rush through assignments or projects in time.


Finally, done and over with exams. For now, gonna brace myself for yet another 6 weeks 😦  Nevertheless, met up for some girlie time with Sara love & Chern Chieh babe. Tea Cozy once again. Antiques and collectable items collected from flea markets for sale, 1-of-a-kind.

Never seen anywhere without our fair share of dessert. Im in love with floral and herbal tea these days.

Ended off with a slpover at yours truly’s place … losta chatting till wee hours of the morning + there’s the extra company of the adorable hamster dearies. Sara darl loves them too.


There’s never a year that I haven’t visited the zoo since 2005. And for the 4th time, it’s back to the zoo with sara love. Yes, our sanctuary. I love the zoo – the greenary, landscape, ambiance and of course, what’s a zoo without animals yea?!

Try to spot the huge American Bullfrog!

Looks like a vampire bat eh? Honestly, it freaks me out.

My personal favourite enclosure – Hamadryas Baboons! I could stay there observing the active community of baboons and yet not feel a slightest hint of boredom. Always the key highlight of my trip! It’s always a challenge to drag me away from the enclosure exhibt area …

Babies! Totally irresistable… & playful !

Picking the fleas out for each other. Tell me if you’ve ever seen other animal species doing the exact same thing before lol!

Something to creak you up 😛

Another highlight was at the chimpanzee enclosure where I actually spotted the mother chimpanzee patting on her baby and asking her baby to climb onto her back! Almost human-like behaviour, no kid.

The ‘Otters’ enclosure comes close to being my next favourite. Travel in a pack, 1 for all – all for 1. And they even post for pictures! lol.

Can you tell the difference?

The height difference between a polar bear and us. Double my height, impressive!

I love flowers. Cheers me up on any day.

Here’s a tribute to 1 of Singapore’s most beloved icon- Ah Meng.

Here’s the view that comes along with every toilet visit at the Zoo. No other toilet has ever appealed to me as much as the 1s at the zoo or night safari. No surprise that it won the “Best Toilet” award lol.

The fun part of mirrors. So typical.

Met up with MK baby after that. It had been a really busy & hectic week for him at work so here’s a box of champagne chocolate from Royce specially for him. Not surprising, we polished all 20 pieces within 15mins. Such chocoholics that we are lol. Im lusting for chocolates once more …

Saturday:MK baby planned a surprise for us for our upcoming 6th month-versary together! 🙂 A mini- indoor theme golf session at Lilliputt, where we visited 18 of Singapore’s hottest tourist attractions in just 1 single destination! Hey, golf’s not just for old, wealthy man !



Some of the destinations that we visited in that short 1hr+  …

Changi Airport! Take off —


The zoo ….

Haw Par Villa!

Even, MRT … and that MRT actually moves from 1 station to another.

Sentosa …

Jurong Bird Park – they even reconstruct a mini version of the world’s tallest man-made waterfall lol.

Botanical Gardens, with its very own pavillon.

Honestly, like most pple – i would say that golf doesnt appeal to, never ever. But this time round, it’s real fun. Well, there’s no denying that it doesnt require much skill or talent for this but it’s good experience to compete with each other (we’re both super competitive lol) and also, the fact that there’re “reconstructed places of interest” to accompany you through the journey. Trust me, you would be asking for more lol .. we would have stayed longer and perhaps play an extra round of game had we not been so hungry. I won 10 of the 18 games and tied at 1 with baby unfortunately, it’s not the no. of games that determines the win so baby ultimately beat me by 7 points :(‘  to clinch the win! :(‘  But Im determined that I still won cz it’s 10 vs 7 games won.

The day couldn’t have been better as we continued to chill at ECP. The strong wind, breeze, soothing sounds of the waves hitting against the shore, greenary, people-watching, and watching the planes at the nearby changi airport taking off … Nothing extravagent, everything’s simple.

Making a wish – our “Lilliputt” ticket attached to the 2 balloons that we got for free …
Freeing them into the sky .

Off they fly to the sky …

In a world of our own, singing to our favourite classics and songs.. and enjoying the company of each other. It’s been a special past 6 months with you around 🙂


The laziness & relaxation continues – this time round, it’s the pool at Raffles Town Club! My fav. part comes when it’s time for sauna and steam-room… Nothing else that rejuvenates me more after a tired swim. And what a great way to end off what-had-been a relaxing weekend.

It’s every girl’s favourite activity! Shopping time!

For Him:
A new wallet to replace the old one that had been through much wear & tear. It’s his new baby lol.

For Her:
Pretty and rather comfy but it bites me. And that’s when my plaster aid comes in so handy.

Only 6hrs more to 1st July!


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