some random postings before I start on the last bit for mgm 403 report and double-revision for mgm exams 😦  hai- long night ahead, that’s for sure. eye-bags and dark circles! 😦  can’t wait for wkend, desperatedly need some form of rejuvenation and rest lol. doesn’t everyone else agree with me too ??!

Thoughts out-loud …

– now that all the paperwork is more/less done (finally!) … it’s time for what we gals do best. SHOP! shop for wintergear (think gloves, wintercoats, thermal clothes, boots, wool beanie, scarves! ) and new flats! 🙂  and my fav, accessories. self-control to not indulge in the current summer flocks and pretty tops lol.

– save money for US! 🙂  let’s pray that i wouldn’t go overboard with unneccessary shopping sprees over there lol!

– exercise! exercise! be in shape  :p


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