Saturday had been awesome! 🙂  with my hot hot girlfriends – olivia, juliet, camy & lina. The GREAT CLEO swimsuit shoot – which aims to set the national record (420 girls) for the largest ever swimsuit shoot! Please be ready to see a whole lot of pictures. Girls girls, after all.

Fabulous goodie bag with losta goodies – fragrance samples to johnson & johnson baby lotion to lo’real hair products to nestle cereal pack and the list goes on. Well, if the goodie bag doesn’t interest you, i dont know what else would lol. And MK baby stole a couple of items away from me! He’s always stealing the goodies away lol.

Followed by a chilling-out session at Cafe Del Mar. Refreshing cocktails, sand, sea, great music and scenic view – nothing could be better. Love the place, im considering having a belated 21st bdae celebration with the girls there and perhaps book a room on Sentosa too.

What a stroke of luck! We even got the rare opportunity to appear on Fashion TV! 🙂  Cameo stint for a commercial to promote “Fashion TV”. Yes, ‘WE LOVE FASHION TV !!! ‘. Awesome! Here’s a pic of us with the photographer and the 2 lovely hosts. Ps: I want tina (the lady with the green bikini!) flat tummy man!

Best of it all? The company of my favourite girls! Fun, and yes losta catching up. And even appearing on a global tv channel together. Unfortunately it’s a week of upcoming final project and exams …if not, i will def. spend more time with the girls.

The past week has been “baby’s week” … been seeing him almost daily over the past week. From Father’s day dinner to the collection of accessories from Trixie, to assisting me for the event on Thurs to some weekend loving 🙂  Well well, it’s weird how sometimes you wouldn’t get bored seeing each other!

Love is when you lost your “eiffel tower” charm and he would go all the way to a bead shop just to find a replacement for you even though it’s not needed. Or when he doesn’t mind taking the time out to run errands for you despite having a hectic schedule himself too. More importantly, for being so understanding and tolerant of my hot-fused tempers. And keeping me in check 🙂 love,love  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Come this weekend, it’s gonna be our 6mths together. I wonder what he has in store for us. It’s supposed to be a pleasant surprise!

Now that I finally have more time at hand, Im actually contemplating if I should return to the tuition centre to work temporarily for the last 1 mth or just truly enjoy the little bit of time and shop for wintergear for UB trip? A little bit more cash but more time to relax or get my arse working to earn that cash?!? The latter sounds great and after seeing all the tone fabulous bodies at Sentosa, it’s making me even wanting to exercise even more.


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  1. pls lor, i’m the most unfit one!

  2. ah. i wana be more toned. more running, sit-ups, crunches and leg-raise lol :p and push-ups! yea. need to be motivated man.

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