Happy Belated Fathers’ Day with family 🙂  Fine dining dinner at ‘The Dining Room’ at Raffles Town Club. Great food and totally heavenly desserts, can’t ask for more!

Yes, MK was invited too. It’s great when one’s family gets along so well with your favourite man lol. 🙂


So sweet of MK baby to help me collect the accessories & vouchers from Trixie cz I was busy &  held up at school.

To top it , a simple card that says it all. In life, not everyone needs a balenciaga bag (though i would love to have a very one of my own one day!) or jewellery from Tiffany & Co. … Just a simple message from you makes my day, just like how i like 🙂 In a wk’s time, it’s gonna be our special 6mth. Time flies.

Love Trixie babe too, gave me these few items for getting her label to be on the fashion show. hand-carved clay earrings imported from USA, pretty! ♥  blue roses, exactly what i love.

Here’s an array of accessories, exclusively from Lequinte. 🙂  Do drop by her blogshop if you are into quirky and oh-so-romantic accessories! 🙂  lockets, heart charm inscribed with words. 1-of-a-kind and at reasonable prices too. I love.


Long day at school, stayed till close to 8pm.  t-test, chi-square, regression, everything’s that got to do with statistics – gives me a major headache and honestly, i don’t think i want anything to do with statistics and maths calculations ever. yes, i hate maths. period. Thank god for jocelyn, cherie and krystal who are ever so helpful and initiative. And apologises to Sara love, couldn’t meet up with her at the last-min cz of sch work. Next wk, i’ll make it up to you… that i promise 🙂  

Headed over to Clarke Quay after sch to assist in another event. Totally shagged out and exhausted. I know, an overdose of sweetness as always but i’ve to say that it’s really saccharine sweet of MK  ♥ to head over to help me out with the show & event. Wore a couple of accessories from Lequinte to show Trixie some support 🙂

Clare, April & me.

Veron was there too! Couldn’t recognise her at first sight!

Dolorosa as well, what a small world. Everyone knows everyone!

Shots of some of the girls.

*stole a pic from agri’s blog- from fascination night*

Finally, decided to tender my resignation for the events job so that I can spend the last mth or so with my loved ones and friends before heading over to UB. There’s only so little time left, hopfully I can make the full use of it.

Saw the cutest trinket ever! Unfortunately, it’s only available in United States. Anyone knows where I can get a similar pendant? thanks!

“i was showering and thinking that i’d want you forever!”




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  1. woo~ i’ve just ordered the blue rose petals from her!! they are really pretty man..

    but its not for myself.. i’ve got no piercing.

  2. haha. i can get it at 10% cheaper for you! i’ll email you regarding it yea? 🙂

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