.weekend is over.

.Friday with Sara love.
I never knew that karaoke sessions can ever be that fun. 3 hours of fun, belting out our fav. hits and songs. And yes, it’s addictive too. Im already planning to head there at least two more times – with sara and MK.

Counting down to the next time we meet once more.

Guess where baby & i spent a lovely saturday night together at?
yes, nature park @ bishan … prawning!

A hit spot in the heartlands. Packed with people from all ages, you should count your lucky stars if you are able to get a seat for yourself. Seems like prawning is the “new in sport”. Everyone’s doing it – from a young boy who seems no older than 14 yrs old who caught an astonishing 20+ – 30+ prawns to young teenage couples to families with little kids to middle-age people, are you gonna be trying your hand at prawning next lol?

I can foresee that prawning is fast becoming 1 of baby’s pastime.

Full concentration ahead.

Me, on the other hand? Quite frankly, I think I have zero patience when it comes to prawning/fishing … got pretty bored of it very soon. The only time you can see me bursting with energy is whenever he got a caught. The feeling of a catch is simply thrilling.

Yes, our MARVELLOUS catch of the day. 6 prawns. haha. That makes it an expensive $5/prawn lol. Well, I would say not bad for a first try. Perhaps, many more to come.

And we do what we should do with freshly-caught prawns! Cook them!  And dare I say that I never ever tasted prawns this fresh and succulent before. Simply delicious and be sure that I’ll return to prawn one day – just to savour the taste of those prawns once more.

There’s a reason why my weekends are usually awesome.  🙂

. A mini project that baby & i did together.
Taking out the ‘guts’ of the watch and replacing it with a lovely vintage background of the Eiffel Tower and tiny beautiful trinkets, i love it.


Read an article by Sumiko Tan, “I so want to be happy”. Here are some quotes from the article that I feel that it’s pretty relevant to life and happiness- ” Everything i do, everything i hope for and everything i regret, hinges on the pursuit of personal happiness.” and ” I so yearn to be happy and I so want to be happier. The irony is that this hunger and search for happiness is perhaps the reason i often find myself unhappy.”

I would say on a whole, on a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the happiest, i would say that Im generally an 8 when it comes to being happy with my current life. 🙂  Of course, there would be times whereby I would feel less complete … you know, especially when you have a ‘fat’ day and you feel totally ugly & fat. Just plain unattractive. Or, when you get maligned for something you didn’t do. You get the drift.  On the other hand, my mood shoots up to an immediate blissful 10 whenever Im in great company of loved ones and of course, baby. And yes, having losta fun and not having to care about a single worry at that point of time.

But I got to agree, what Sumiko wrote is pretty much true. Sometimes in life, all we ever want is to be happy and be contented with life but to seek contentment, we go all the way out to meet our own expectations. Be it – to earn more money, to purchase materialistic goods and lavish in the lifestyle of luxury, to find the Right One, to get the perfect dream job, to … … and the list goes on. The bottomline remains at that we have to work at it and the preoccupation with future seems to be ever-lasting. Seems like everytime we achieved a particular goal/aim, we continue to seek further challenging goals because we think that by being able to reach out to those goals, it would make us even happier and more satisfied with ourselves. Basically, a never-ending cycle of pursuit of happiness. After all, as quoted ” happiness doesn’t last”. That is not to say that we shouldn’t have goals in life, but isn’t it true that sometimes it can get pretty exhausting and draining to keep striving for happiness when already, that form of joy could already be right in form of your eyes? I would admit that Im guilty of that too. For instance, it’s a proud moment when you finally graduate from university cz that would mean independence: ability to work and earn moolah to support your lifestyle and get everything that you ever wanted to get. So now, you just purchased your very own car, but you realised that you will be happier had you been able to get your own stylish pad to live in, and when that happens you and you are at the peak of your career – you realised that life would seem to be even more complete if you are able to find the Mr/Miss Right to settle down with, etc… Life’s always about thinking that the future can bring about more happiness but “it could well be right there, staring at you” at this present moment. Don’t you find that it can be wearing at times to pursue happiness – this endless cycle of it that will never end? Perhaps, the best form of happiness comes when you don’t expect or plan for it. Like how some pple have a life plan of achieving those certain goals at a certain age of their lives, sometimes – it’s better to have goals but just let life lead you to it and not have too much of an expectation. And that could be the form of happiness that you feel as the most memorable and lasting just because it comes about as a pleasant surprise.

 Sumiko suggested that “the trick is to learn to live for the moment and appreciate what you have.” That, I believe is said much easier than done. Im one who can get a little obsessed with what the future carries for me – Will I be able to earn sufficient money to support myself in future? Will I get a job that I truly enjoy and yet pay well? You know, questions and more questions which in turn, lead to the occasional bouts of worries. Yes, it can be gruelling and at times, I wish I wasn’t such a worrywart lol. Because worrying equates to being less satisfied in life, and the increase in tendency to find faults. Life’s only this short, Im sure it would be wise to take Sumiko’s advice into serious consideration and just don’t compare our life to others. Comparison will never be healthy if over-used. Having said that, let’s start to truly enjoy life as presented to us at this point of time and even if it’s for a little while, not be occupied with the past or future.


5 responses to “.weekend is over.

  1. did u try the frog leg porridge at the place u went prawning? very nice!

  2. bishan prawning area? nah,we didnt. is it delicious? i enjoy eating frog legs too! yummy. will pop by the next time round then cz i foresee us heading down there once more lol.

    btw, i sent u an email. go take a look! 🙂

  3. yes yes its very nice! try it the next time u go there yah? & rgding the email, okays ((:

  4. I WANNA TRY PRAWNING! hahaha maybe we should do it, then we can BBQ them at krystel’s place! heeee

  5. haha, well – it’s worth a try. but not exactly my cup of tea lol. cz it requires ALOT of patience and i dont exactly have much of that either :p haha. but the prawns are simply yummy! makes me wanna eat more now too!

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