pin-up girls

Finally done with mgm 404 assignment … at least, that’s 1 burden off for me to enjoy the remaining of my wkends. i got to say that im really satisfied with my overall grade for that module too.  🙂

There’s always something alluring about artfully sexy images of famous women. Yes, garter belts, corsets, stockings. But let’s not think of it in the other way. Instead, think icons “Marilyn Monroe” , ” Betty Grable”, ” Jean Harlow”, ” Rita Hayworth”. All of whom inspire artists around the globe to be fascinated with the painting of pin-up girls. The pin-up girl style is so distinct and gripping that in the olden days, people were so compelled to pull off those artfully done erotic artworks or photographs from magazines and pin them on the wall. Hence, explains the name.

 Although the phrase ” sex symbols” is synonymous with pin-up ladies, there’s however no denying that the artworks or illustrations of such pin-up are seemingly so quaint and vintage … Yes, something so enthralling. It’s more than just fascination with near-nudity or in some cases, full nudity but more to it, the artworks of pin-up girls are more of an expression of creativity and beauty , and to me –  it embodies a form of old-fashioned artistry, “an explosion of vibrant beautiful women” with a pinch of playfulness.

. A collage in tribute to Pin-up Girls .

More artworks by 1 of the best pin-up artists, Alberto Vargas.

Off baby & I go for dinner and prawning soon.


One response to “pin-up girls

  1. hello,
    just a random reader on your wordpress!
    nice document of you and your boyf through the entries.

    Pardon me, but i would like to enquire, what font are you using for your pretty collage? They look like some handwritting fonts. thanks!
    and all the best for your trip coming Aug! (:

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