It’s a Friday and you know what that means?!
I love my weekends.


As much as i complain about how tight my schedule is, I feel that secretly i could be a workaholic. And I enjoy being one, you know … to occupy my time wisely and basically- to keep life busy.

Headed down to Nana Closet/Room 707 at Bugis Village to attend the fitting session for the model talents. Decided to head down to have a preview of what’s to come so that I can have a better idea of how to go about pairing up the accessories from another label, Lequinte to those dresses. A taste into the world of styling though frankly, when it comes to fashion – i doubt i have much of a fashion insight into what makes or breaks an outfit lol.

Some exclusive hand-made accessories from Lequinte (all pics credit to the blogshop) :

Lisa, Jean & Sean from Nana Closet/Room 707 are simply wonderful people, and may I say – true fashionista in their own ways. What can I say? They have great style and it’s very evident that they have the passion and love for fashion. Im gonna ask Sean to be my personal stylist- he’s someone “who can stumble out of a swamp covered with leeches and still look like a million bucks.” certainly, there’s so much that I can learn from him lol. 

It was good – sharing different career experiences. I suppose I could be right to say that most females would love to know how is it like managing a fashion shop and yours truly is no exception to this too. It’s not easy, considering that the style that they enjoy tend to be more quirky and experimental and hence, perhaps seen as less acceptable to local gals. As such, there’s a need to compromise with something that’s more acceptable by the crowd but yet at the same time, something original and doesn’t stray too far away from their fashion philosophy. It’s a job that never ends – having to operate the shop everyday from 2-10pm (that means no rest days for them) and tasks include anything from housekeeping to stock-taking to merchandising and display maintainance. Like all businesses- having to constantly come up with promotions or marketing strategies to appeal to the shoppers and retain brand loyalty. (gosh, im using my marketing concepts on my blog. !!!) The worst part? Perhaps, having to maintain excellent customer service despite having to deal with difficult or nasty customers who are seemingly too unreasonable with their demands or who behave as if the world owns them a living.  But let’s also not forget the glam part of it which is – flying overseas (thailand, hong kong, china, korea, etc) to source for unique clothes and accessories … assisting fashion journalists in picking out items for fashion spreads in magazines … and doubling up as a “stylist” to their regulars and customers.

Yes, no job is ever as glam or hip as portrayed but my guess is that their interest and obsession with fashion & styling is what that keeps them motivated to get out of bed every day and head to the shop with a brand new outlook each day. So if anyone’s interested in quirky and vintage fashion, do visit Nana Closet/Room 707 at Bugis Village.  🙂

Look! Im jealous? How do they look so effortlessly chic and stylish?

One more thing … …
A simple message from another client that simply made my day 🙂
“I really appreciate + grateful for your help.”


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  1. babe your job sounds fun…haha…maybe freelancing is really better after all…i’m like stuck at the office at 6pm, can’t leave and nothing to do…argh how babe 😦 much as i love my job, sometimes being an intern sucks cos there’s so low days

  2. oops i meant, slow days and u can’t really do anything about it…siannn

  3. annyway so qiao, i was at bugis village too today. too bad didn’t see ya. i was sourcing at mono chic! @ haji.

  4. ooooh! your work seems like a whole lot of fun! ((((: glad you are enjoying it babe! really salute you man! busy summer sem and u r working too! ((:

  5. juliet:

    really? i like your job babe! it seems like a blast to head out to shops and source for unique clothes and items for a mag! but oh well, u know what they say – the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. lol. and slow days are good at times- its great to have a time to breathe and relax. im starting to feel that my tight schedule is taking a toll on me 😦


    haha. yea, i love it too – it has many fun moments which i truly enjoy and perks, like free goodies at times. but of course with any job, there’re also the down sides lol. and it can get draining to handle so many commitments at times.

  6. I wish to be in your shoes gal. Your job is way too better than the mundane 9-5 office job of mine 😦

  7. doreen:

    hi babe 🙂 haha. i do enjoy it alot too, hopfully- when i graduate next year.. im able to find a job in events management or in an industry that i enjoy as well. thanks! nice blog u have too! 🙂

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