Nothing like a good workout – had my first class of exercise sculpt and honestly, it’s an excellent programme for a complete cardiovascular toning workout, accompanied by background music. Im feeling good about exercising and being healthy again. lol. But as usual, im really bad and lousy with routines … always have the flaw of not being able to remember the exact routine and steps lol.

Thanks to Juliet babe – I managed to get the client to be featured (in 1 way or another) on an upcoming issue of Smitten magazine. Hopfully, it works out well.

It’s a Wednesday night = ladies’ night. Everyone’s out partying and having fun. Zouk, MOS, Attica, Butterfactory, and the list goes on. Give me a moment to wallow in self-pity as Im stuck at home … nursing a stupid headache and mugging for my exam paper for tmr. Please give me the weekends – perhaps, it’s time to enjoy the life of being a quintessential single girl lol.


There’s nothing more beautiful than waking up to see my 14 lovelies …
if the following pictures do not make your day, I dont know what else would lol.

Dorothy: Here’s a pic of the eyeliner silver grey! :p

The 4 babies that I would be keeping …
.3 boys & 1 girl.



10 responses to “

  1. emailed you, take care babe

  2. emailed u back. thanks babe – i would be fine. just needed to let off some steam. thanks! 🙂

  3. I love you. 🙂

  4. hey gal,
    ur blog is truly very pretty 🙂 ur hamsters are super duper cutsy…hehe.. by the way, could u drop me an msg on my msn so that i could get ur e.mail 🙂 ok, see u ard the corner

  5. hey babe! 🙂

    i know, u have no idea how in love i am with those hamsters too! haha. sounds so wrong, i know lol. no problem. i’ll email u my email addy.

  6. hi, forgot to ask your sable, is long hair or short hair? I’ll get her as soon as I return from Malaysia, looking forward to it, do remember that I’m getting her alrights? Thanks! 🙂

  7. HEY HEY! SO CUTE!!! They grow so fast! Haha, nice to see ur blog with so many baby hamster pics 😀 The 4 u are gonna keep are super duper adorable, esp. the black one, ohh the colors are so confusing ahahaha. So many colors.

  8. oh ok, the sable boy. HAHA. 😀 oops, had to refer to ur post again to realize it’s not erm, “black”. lol 😀

  9. reno: long hair. no problem. not too sure if u would see this msg since u are travelling today but have a great trip and eat lotsa yummy food at m’sia! 🙂

    jz: i know i know! i always say that the hamsters are the star of the blog lol. utterly adorable! and yes, they grow way too fast- have to separate the males from the females soon too! 😦 ah, its gonna be sad to have to give most of them away. u interested? lol. 🙂

  10. oh ok. thx alot.
    will e mail u once i get back.
    take care

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