Dorothy! especially just for you!
More adorable pictures of the 12 lovelies …

2 goldens. Keeping 1!

The white one that stands out amongst the others.

2 silver greys. 1 of which even has dark eye-liner around its eyes, really unique! They look like the younger version of their parents lol. 

We call them the 3 musketeers – 3 umbrous silver greys.

The only light silver grey – she’s a keeper too. Named her ‘Snow White’ as her fur coat reminds us of snow.

Baby has a new love!! It’s sable boy. Im jealous – now, all that he can talk about is how cute sable boy is and he doesn’t even want to let go of sable boy to carry the rest of the hamsters lol. Let me tell you – it’s biasedness! That’s sable boy below, sleeping all so soundly as usual lol.

That’s baby runt – its size is only half or less than that of its fellow siblings. Really tiny but please don’t judge it purely by its size for it’s 1 with alot of character. Tiny boy here has an individualistic mindset and doesn’t follow what the rest of the crowd/siblings do.

 And somehow, poor me – my palm got pee-ed on not once or twice by 7 times by those pups. Does my palm sells like beddings?! Gosh, just a week more to go before a few of the pups go off to their new cozy home. I know it will be difficult for me , heck thinking about parting with them already makes it hard to swallow – what more about the actual bidding of farewell from those few cuties?

Gifts for him, for no special occasion : Japanese desserts from TAKA, ( i think i’ve a weakness for the pretty packaging! ) that cost a bomb lol. Seriously!

Another attempt at cooking together ! This time round, it’s fried rice and herbal chicken …

I know, I seem so sadistic – wanting to take a close-up shot of the squid’s eyeball – intrigued me to the max.

we’re such pigs, seriously. sleeping has since fast become our no.1 when it comes to slacking at home lol. And sometimes, I feel that it’s such a waste of precious time! As a result, we didn’t go ahead with our initial plan of prawning. Another time, another time.

Saturday: Sentosa once more … this time round, for gwen’s 21st birthday celebration. Theme is “Picnic, watching the sunset with friends and loved ones.” boyfriends included lol. and MK sure makes a great accessory! :p

Wearing the new white top I got from Peiling’s blogshop! Crochet, I like. pretty ! 🙂

That’s shi hui, debra, gwen, jasmine & me …

Nothing better to do – hence, explains the fooling around with the birthday balloon that has 3 hot hunks plastered on it. Dont worry baby, they dont appeal to me as much as you too :p

Samantha babe was there too! And that’s gwen at the back, trying to squeeze herself into the picture lol.

Sunday: Another girly time-out. Buffet with Sok Yin & Wan Kay ! At Pariss …
And you know with buffet- nothing’s healthy for everyone’s such a glutton. Im no exception too.

Im all up for the COUNTLESS of serving of cold dishes – seafood ( oysters, scallops, prawns, mussels, cockles, black pepper crabs !) & jap food ( sashimi, sushi, u name it – i ate them all). Sok was amazed that I could eat the whole lot of prawns that i took within 1 seating.

Another of my favourite – marshmallows coated with hot chocolate. totally delicious! Please do not talk to me about being sinful or weight-gain now.

Thank you gals for the yummylicious time that we had !

Sara’s back! gonna finally meet her on Tuesday & Friday! Cardio-sculpture exercise class on wednesday. Thank god, at least some form of exercise back in my life. Meet up with dorothy and her bf on Saturday for viewing of the hamsters. MK’s gonna get his pay next week, so it’s shopping spree for him at River Island while I window-shop for winter-gear to bring for US! Shopping spree over the wkend, Im so looking forward to it. Where does this leaves time for studying? Erm….


12 responses to “

  1. the new trend for next season is crochet, and how unlucky! we just finished shooting a fashion spread for accessories 😦
    the next theme is heartland, i’ll let u know if we need ling’s or i’ll drop off the add and pix @ my senior’s email, no prob! so fun that we’re working in the same line.
    anyway its such a small world. my colleague, pris’s cousin is cordelia. we ran into her while out scouting. tiny world lah.
    anyway, it’s so surprising how much ENERGY you have to run around n hang out w friends – i’ve had to turn down 2 invitations cos my body gave up on me and i’m down with flu 😦 sad
    sigh shopping.
    i’ve been out looking for the PERFECT pair of skinny jeans lei. i love the one i have from that shop in heeren, but either i lost weight or it expanded from the washing 😦
    anyway and anyhow, i dun really hang out @ homeclub so much anymore but one of my friends used to DJ there. i don’t have much time to club anymore sigh, hopefully we’ll do that on 21st june lor!

  2. thanks sweetheart ((:

  3. haha. gosh, thats a really long comment u have lol. anyways, no problem. i just emailed yvonne about it – so hopfully, it all works out well and ling boutique items will be featured on smitten!

    cool, now – i know who to turn to when it comes to spotting the next IN thing in fashion! jeans- well, no harm investing in another good pair i guess. jeans are always worth the investment. but lately, i dont wear them as much as before- love dresses and shorts lol!

    oooh. u saw cordelia? gosh, really really small world! in fact, there was this gal called fenny who commented on my blog before and she knows u too! secondary sch friend, i think?

  4. btw babe (juliet) – are you still interested in adopting 1 of the hamster? dont worry, i can continue taking care of them till they grow older if u want! let me know yup! 🙂

    dorothy: welcome! 🙂

  5. hi there? do u have a female sable or black for adopt? dont mind paying. pls reply asap.
    can be 1-2months old

  6. xiaoreno:

    hi! yea, i’ve a female sable but they are still only 3wks old. if you are interested, do you mind waiting for at least another 1-2wks for her to be completely weaned. i’ve your email from your comments’ list, so will email u more details later or so yea?

  7. its ok. i dont mind waiting. put mind sending me some pics of her?

  8. and which area do u live at?

  9. upper thomson. k, im alil tight up with my schedule at the moment but when im free (this wkend) – i’ll drop u an email regarding details and also, the pics then.

    another thing – do u have prior or current experience with hamsters? and it’s really important that you have 1 tank just for her cz syrians are solidary and i dont want to risk her fighting or getting injured. it’s especially so for female syrians, that tend to be more protective of their home.

  10. erm. wer is upper thomson?
    i will buy a new tank b4 i bring her home. currently i have a golden banded syrian with me now. and 4winter white 3 sap winter white and a robo. all of them are house alone only for the 2 winter white brothers.
    i will be living for malaysia this fri.
    is it possible to explain the colour or juz send 1 of the pic?
    i will only be back on next sun. but pls reserve one for me. as i comfirm will be adopting 1 female
    coz i wan a black sable. lol.
    but other colour will be fine too

    do u charge any adoption fee?

  11. hi xiaoreno.

    i just sent u an email, do read it 🙂

  12. ok thx alot.
    anyway she LH or SH?

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