I truly cherished the experience, and if given the opportunity again – I would certainly do it all over without any regrets. It was happy news – my hard work had been rewarded and I would say I’m more than proud of my accomplishments. But in life, sometimes there’s more to success & achievements. There’re ethical values that I strongly believe in and if those’re absent then I don’t see the point of staying on. I know that’s it’s the reality of life, and yes, I can accept that on most occasions – but if it’s totally uncalled for and unneccessary, then I don’t see the point of one having to sccumb to such ethincal behaviour. Shame on You – do you really think that you can continue leading a life deceiving others? Oh please, you are only deceiving yourself and no one else … living a life of fabricated truth and denial. Only my close ones know exactly what happened and I sincerely thank all of you for listening to my rants.

On a happy note, it’s friday tomorrow! Time to meet up with MK again 🙂  and we’ll be trying to whip up a dish of egg fried rice and go prawning at bishan park after that. More time with the lovely hamster pups too. Plus, i might just sign up for the ‘ cardio sculpture’ exercise class offered at tpy cc. cheap and time to tone up lol 🙂

Headed down to Kaplan- APMI to enquire more regarding their bachelor of arts (communication & media) program for baby. Yes, he could possibly be taking a communications degree, just like yours truly. 🙂 Same interests eh? Haha. Baby has plans for himself when im over at UB … either driving or study part-time. Either way, I couldn’t have been more proud of my boy taking the initiative to do learn something new, on top of his workload in the Police Force. So, when I return from my study trip – I expect to be chauffered around then eh?! :p  It still amazes me, to see how we both motivate each other to excel in different aspects of our lives and to continue picking up new skills and knowledge.


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