“Sex & the City” ! Yes, everyone’s talking about it. It’s 1 of my favourite tv series ever and I admit that Im hooked to watching every single episode of it – at least, twice !!! – like how so many women around the globe got addicted to this phenomenon.

Carrie – columnist for a New York paper and the most fashion-forward of the girls , Charlotte – worked at an established art gallery in NYC. The one who has the most refreshingly optimistic outlook on love, romance … never one to give up on finding love , Miranda – Laywer, hence one who’s always self-assured and proud of the achievements that she had thus accomplished. However, also the most cynical about love of the lot and finally, Samantha – highly successful PR executive who’s always radiating confidence in everything that she does.

The show pretty much epitomises the ideal city modern woman. It’s things that majority of the female population would want to be associated wtih: Fashionista, luxury brands galore. Highly successful careers. Fabulous even at 40. Always being invited to the hottest and most fantastic parties and hotspots. And most importantly, at the core of it – the long-lasting friendships that these girls share.

I’ve been pretty much fascinated by the bond that these girls have – the ability to talk about even the most sensitive topics ranging from views on the ideal significant other to career advancement to family planning to yes, sex (duh!).. We’ve seen how these 4 ladies grow & mature through the 10 years (1998-2008) and true indeed, I can’t deny that it’s exciting to see how each of my pals’ and my life would unfold down the years. Just like how exhilarating it was for me to finally catch up with some of my primary sch friends after like what, a 9 years of absence and not keeping in touch?! It’s such a girls’ thing, i know … but somehow, with my gfs whether it’s from CGS or CJC or SIM – there’s without a doubt where there comes a time whereby we would discuss about the future. For instance, Who’s going to do what in their future career paths? Will we still be such close-knit friends down the road? Who’s going to get married and settle down first? So many questions, So much uncertainty … afterall, life’s so unpredictable- it takes you on such an emotional roller-coaster ride at times.

I have many close female friends and pals whom I so dearly love and appreciate , especially … Sara. Claire. Sok Yin. Olivia. Juliet. Soy Hoon. Chern Chieh. Kristin. Christine. Nicole. Jocelyn. Cherie.  🙂  – and most of whom, are doing a pretty fine darn job balancing their priorities in life … be it studies, work/internship, CCA, relationships, travelling, hobbies, etc. Okay, we don’t lead such extravagent lifestyles that those babes lead in NYC ( you know, fashion label-toting, club-hopping, and always being seen in the hottest spots in town) but we are all still happy with how life’s been treating us thus far. Like I always say, I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of my babes. Somehow, this particular group of girlfriends I have first come to my mind when I thought of the girls from SATC. There I have Juliet – who always know what she wants and is driven & determined to succeed. And look, now … she’s interning as her dream job of being a fashion journalist (most girls would die for this job!) for both Smitten and Black Beauty Book magazines as well as freelancing for other lifestyle mags.  , Olivia – who’s currently working at an international Public Relations firm and always supportive of whatever I do since Day 1 back in CJC, Camy – Okay, I haven’t met up with camy for quite awhile but well, she’s only my age and already, she is able to financially support herself in getting a car of her very own! and get this, without the assistance of her parents or family. Quite impressive eh? And of course, she holds a fab job as a model talent too.

Sorta reminds you of the girls from ‘Sex and the City’ eh ? yes.no? lol.

Only time will tell what the future holds for all of us 🙂


Hamster Pups: My newest and latest addiction. Another 2wks or so before I have to part with them 😦  A day that we both totally dread. How are we ever going to decide which babies should we keep?! Oh, and there’s no blacks – it’s just 2 sables so now, we have a total of 3 sables. what a pleasant surprise! 🙂

It’s easiest to take a picture of them when they are asleep. And when they are sleeping, god knows what would wake them up man … you can carry them in your palm and walk about and they would still be soundly asleep.

Lately, im in love with ‘love pendants, charms, lockets’ … explains why i keep posting numerous of such pictures lol.

Alright, got to start on my revision for marketing research soon. 10 chapters- madness.


6 responses to “

  1. Hurr viewing your blog off my phone! Three sables yea. Which ones should we keep now? I’d love to say all. Muahaha

  2. haha. No wonder, i was just wondering how the heck did you manage to view my blog when you are supposed to be on-duty trying to be a national hero now lol.

    i dunno! i would love to keep all of them too, u know i do. anyways, come friday – we can see which of the pups love you, silly :p maybe none, since im the one playing with them all the time lol.

  3. hey babe, this is sheena.
    it was great knowing you at fascination night. heh 😛 you’re a real sweet gal. haha

  4. haha. how did u manage to get to my blog lol? haha, yea. it was great meeting you too! 🙂 gonna model for street house 5 too?

  5. i just chanced upon it somehow when i was gogglign for pictures of fascination night heh.
    oh i aint modelling for that. 😀

    btw, i didnt catch ur name properly that day. was it samantha?

  6. steph! haha. samantha was there too, worked at the cashier.

    yea, im waiting for kevin to pass me the cd of pictures for fascination night. have to followup with the sponsors. so, when i finally get it – can email u some of the pics or sth yea?! 🙂 shld be in 1-2wks’ time lol.

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