No longer blind- the pups finally opened their eyes and for once, they are able to see the sightings that surround them. Gosh, it’s making it even harder for me to part with them when the time comes.
There’s even a sable pup in the litter – certainly, another keeper for us (i seem to be saying this with each tiny pup lol). 1 white, 1 sable, 2 blacks, 2 goldens & 6 silver greys! 🙂  we would love to keep 1 hamster of each colour !

Stuff that I wanna do & short-term goals that I should set for myself :

– polish my swimming skills so that baby and i can head for scuba diving classes together! It’s utter paradise under the waters – the diversity and beauty of the marine life amazes us both.

– exercise !!! it’s about time that i start to tone up again but somehow, laziness always gets the better of me! baby, you got to influence me to hitting the gym and exercise one of these days man!

– check out the cool chill-out places that i’ve been hearing so much raves about but somehow, just the lack of opportunity/time to do just that. Live band Music too please! More of dempsey! Mimolette! Oohtique! Timbre! Prive at Keppel Island!

– pick up a new language. French? Japanese?

– get my tattoo! it’s already been 6mths’ since I had to postpone the last appointment.

– to finally stop procrastinating & get started on driving!

– try my hand at prawning & maybe, even fishing.

– really short-term plan! To remove the guts of the cheap $5 watch I got from bugis and fill it up with pretty, vintage trinkets, just like the one below … (pic credit: imkikix)

Just received a video mms from baby! Of him writing a special note to me ….
oh my! oh my!
– can you ever get enough of someone? –
i know i can’t when it’s with you.


4 responses to “

  1. sooooo mushy eh…………. Heh. 🙂

  2. hey girl, when will the hammies be ready for adoption? or. . u aint willing to part w ’em? hehehe!

  3. babe!!! i was just about to msg u on your blog too! yea, u going genting on 21st june right? wanna collect them after your trip then or … ? 🙂

    btw, u study at apmi right? how’s the school system and lecturers and such? my bf is thinking of heading there for their communications and media degree. hence helping him ask 🙂

  4. nono dear, i’m not studying at apmi! im doing my acca at ftc!

    & yes, ive replied u on my blog. oh btw, email me ur hp. no too?

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