.happy 5th month.

Cousin’s Solemnization Ceremony at The Sentosa Resort & Spa : Villa Acacia.
Costly but with the beauty and serenity of surrounding lush greenary, alongside with your very own midnight blue swimming pool … I believe this is just the ideal intimate setting for a lovely wedding.

I would SO love to have a pool like this at my place. Imagine the convenience of being able to dip into the cool waters on a hot, sunny day at anytime of the day. Now Now, where’s my penthouse with its own rooftop garden and pool/jacuzzi ?!

Flowers: always associated with romance and love !

There’s even live band performance by the St. Patrick’s school band to entertain us through the solemnization, as well as during the 3hours long dinner. That’s bound to spice up the wedding dinner.

Ready to take their vows and the exchange of wedding rings!

With a scenic view like this, tell me if this wedding isn’t just perfect?!

Video Montage of the romantic couple shots ! Isn’t it amazing that the bride always look so beautiful and radiant on their wedding day? 🙂  Here’s how the story goes – ” Love at first sight” when my cousin first happened to take a glance at his future wife back in Secondary 4. That was 8 years back. Too bad, he lacked the guts to ask her for her number and that was then. However, forward a few months later – it was such a pure coincidence that they ended up in the same JC during 1st 3 mths! Unfortunately, yet again things didn’t work out after a couple of dates. But that’s not the end as they soon met again 2 years back and now, that’s what we say the rest is history. Life can be so weird at times – despite the couple of missed opportunities, they still eventually found someone whom they so dearly love & want to be with.

What’s a wedding without any wedding souveniers for us guests to take home after all right? This time round, it’s something unique and different – not your usual chocolate/cake but a specially-designed bottle stopper just for us. His/Hers bottle stoppers.


love.love.love. I had his company for the entire night – is there any better way to celebrate a wedding than to be with your significant other?! A truly splendid time with him indeed .

So coincidentally, today also marks the 5th month that MK & I got together. I couldn’t say enough of this but I love you, baby. Sure, no relationship is without its occasion debates and disagreements but Im glad that we always managed to short things out quickly and reach a compromise so that both parties would be happy with the decision. Addicted To You, Im the happiest when Im around you 🙂

Looking forward to end June and early August now … planning on a short vacation to Batam ( A&W, we miss the curly fries and rootbeer float! J.Co donuts ! Cheap cheap toiletries! Cheap SPA or massages! lol. ) and also, im planning a way advanced birthday celebration for him too (unfortunate that his bdae falls in Oct as I would still be in UB at that point of time!)  – it’s getting me so excited and anticipated !!!


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