– Last day at tuition centre –

Some of the kids fooling around. Those were the days whereby one could only care about playing hard all the time. No worries, and a carefree life. It’s all about playing and more playing…

– Fascination Night at Fashion Bar –

Finally, the event is over. And i would say it was pretty much a success … full house! Such a frantic night -had to deal with skin story regarding makeup, emcee, guest list and of course, backstage closet where I also doubled up as a dresser (thank god for my prior experience as 1 for SFF) … quite chaotic, considering the fact that it’s not just a 1 dresser – to – 1 model but 1 dresser – 10 model talents this time round. So, imagine having to deal with nipple tapes, fashion tapes, safety pins, etc etc … thank god, most of the talents are always willing to help one another when there’s time. Overall, i got to say that im exhilarated that our hard work had paid off and that the event ended with a bang!

There were times whereby I would rant about the pay  *haha, u guys know what i mean* … how stressful the job can be, especially sourcing for sponsors & fashion labels for a small-scale event … but ultimately, at the end of the day – im glad that im given this opportunity to do events management – its always been something that i wanted to give a shoot and ive learnt so much from this experience … skills to improve for the next event and for future.

Lining up the goodie bags … all packed with vouchers and freebies.

Yea, that pass certainly made us felt more important.

Exhibition cubes all lighted up to showcase unique items from The Ling Boutique.

Skin Story doing the makeup & hair-styling for the model talents… Thanks for your great help, Adonsia, Ain and the other makeup artist! 🙂

That’s Samantha & Clare working at the door …

Ashlyne, me, Sam, Clare

Lena in the middle – oh well, what would I ever do with her help and assistance?

Sheena – i feel short beside her lol.

Here’s me with the ever-adorable Patricia !

Daphne! She’s really friendly and always willing to offer a helping hand!

Sexy, Hot Ain! I love that dress on her man – if you got it, flaunt it gal ! 🙂

And of course, much thanks to olivia, juliet and lina for coming down to show your support! I hope you guys had fun on that night! 🙂  More outings please! 21st June- im all yours, babes!

Chee Seng & Zhong Xun also came down to support, thanks so much guys! 🙂

Sara babe was also at the event too !!! she made it so easy & comfortable to chat with her, considering that it was the first time we met.

Agri babe – I dont think I have ever met anyone as hyper and full of energy like this pretty babe over here lol.

Backstage with Agri and some of the model talents donned in grey vibes outfits! 

And of course, baby came down too! The least I can do is to give him a kiss. lol.

. Family dinner .
– Amanda’s belated 15th birthday dinner at Holland Village –

It was all about mexican food – taco, nachos, salsa, burritoes … u name it, we ordered it.

My happy FAMILY 🙂

Baby came along too and gosh, what a pleasant surprise he had in store for amanda. Knowing that I hardly had much leisure time to myself this week (busy with sch assignment and fascination night event), he actually cabbed all the way down to Cathy from Jurong to get this pretty ice-mouse that i’ve been wanting to get for Amanda. And from there, he cabbed and rushed (AGAIN!) all the way to Holland Village to join us in the celebration. All of such rush and madness just because he wanted things to be more convenient for me and for Amanda to be happy.

I love you baby, for everything thing that you do … I don’t think I would ever find anyone else better than you are to me …

Ice-Mouse from Ling Boutique (1 of our main sponsors for Fascination Night).
It even displays 7 soothing colours from within. I would say, “get it soon! it was love at first sight!”

– Updates on the hamsters –
baby, i know you would love this post – pictures of our lovelies lol !!

Return of Dustball – it’s been awhile since we last posted pics of dustball… here he is!
sleeping like a log, thats his fav. past-time lol.

“just-awake blur look”

Everyone’s fav moments – adorable hamster pups! 🙂 look at their cute actions and behaviours. Now, you would know why ive fallen so deeply in love with hamsters. It’s an affair that not everyone would be able to understand lol.

Spot the runt(black) at the most extreme right. It’s the smallest and tiniest of all its siblings. But you know what? Baby and I totally adore him, probably our favourite pup! – it’s the 1 we hand-feed the most … maybe cuz it’s so little and we feel that it’s so vulnerable but it’s a fighter that’s for sure. could be a keeper for us!

That’s all the 12 tiny pups for your viewing pleasure! 🙂


It’s 1st June! Yes yes yes … our happy 5th month! And what a way to celebrate our 5th month of together-ness. By attending my cousin’s lavish wedding at Sentosa in a few hours’ time! Can hardly wait, im such a sucker for weddings and all things romantic.


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  1. This is MK here. sneaked in to leave a comment.

    ever yours,
    ever mine,
    ever ours.

    sex and the city fooo 🙂

  2. gahh.. lots of lip prints on my laptop screen now cause i was kissing every picture i saw of the baby hamsters.. ADORABLE!!

    now i wanna get hamsters too!! smoochh! hahaha

  3. mk: sneaky, sneaky. !!! i want my penthouse – with rooftop garden and jacuzzi. im still waiting lol, haha.

    loisa: haha. i know – they are so utterly adorable right? addicted to syrians too! 🙂 join the club man.

  4. hey babe. just happened to chance upon here. would like to ask about the skin story make up artist(s).. are they gd and experienced at d&d make up n hairstyling? sry for the randomness.. (:

  5. hi daph 🙂

    i would say that they are pretty good – taking time to ensure that it’s of good quality. Prior to the actual event, Adonsia also enquired more regarding the theme, type of makeup that we would want, and the clothes worn for the night so that she and her crew can have a better idea of how to go about with the styling. that’s what that impresses me the most 🙂 but im not too sure how many years of experience they have in this field.

    moreover, adonsia and her crew are really friendly too, so that makes it good customer service lol 🙂

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