2nd day:
A pic of 5 of the pups. Look at the one on the extreme left: It has its mouth open really wide, how adorable lol. Baby and I have named them *Tentatively* “jellybeans” :p  joy, joy, happiness!

Back to School, and yes back to academic stress. Only this time round, it’s worst than spring semester. There’s a reason why most of us get sooo stressed up over summer semester – 2 modules to be completed within the first 6wks, followed by another 2 modules to be done by the next 6wks … so basically, it’s rushing a usual 14wks semester of work into 6wks. So far, a terrible start to the first day of school – been having a rather bad headache the entire day .. totally drained of energy and sleep. Lack of ability to concentrate and pay attention in class. Just sheer exhaustion.

Tight & Hectic schedules for the 1st half of the summer semester:

Marketing Research
Syllabus for MGM 403 is almost a total repeat of COM300. Seriously, shouldn’t we be learning something new for this semester instead of taking a module which is a repeat of something that we had just done the previous sem?! Honestly got to be a nightmare. we took the entire of 14wks to conduct our various questionnaires, surveys, interviews and focus group discussions, alongside with research work and now, we are only given a mere 6wks to do all that and with lesser manpower!!!! Talk about the hustle and rush that we have to undergo .. yes, i know im being such a pain-in-the-ass with my constant complaints and nagging. I guess, it’s just the negative vibes influenced by the headache that im currently suffering from.

Consumer Behaviour

Im envious of my friends who are enjoying their not 3wks but 3-4 mths holidays – sure, some of whom have internships and have to work every wkday but hey, work experiences sure beats having to attend classes and committing to those ever-piling group assignments, projects and exams. Plus, there’s always the after-work hours and wkends for you guys to chill and relax. Im determined to make my social life work out.


Cashing on the trend of blogging. reasons behind blogging.

Xiaxue: could earn up to $1000/day! gosh, thats alot of money she has!!
Dawn Yang: earning anywhere between $4000 – $6000/mth
Sabrinna Ong: $1500 – 2000
Peggy Heng: $500 – $2000

And yes, all of whom earn all that amount through just blogging! For the majority of us, we probably have to work our arse off for a few years or even more than just a couple of years and inject in lotsa hard work and effort in order to even earn that $4K-6K/mth but Ms Dawn Yang gets all that just by posting up pictures of herself with her pals, clubbing, travelling overseas and having advertisements plastered on her website … Impressive, eh?! What happened to those days where people actually have to work to earn their salary lol? In fact, “Singaporeans come up as the top bloggers regionally” who registered with Google to have ads plastered on their blogs for the extra income. Is making money through blogging such an established and widely accepted practice these days? Or would it be a “fly-by-night” thing? I do understand if highly successful blogs have ‘ads’ listed on their site – who would give up the chance to make moolah right? But how about those whose blogs have readership that remain average – are they hoping to earn that extra bit of cash too or just purely a case of following the trend? Seems like to me (no offence to anyone) that most bloggers jump onto this ‘advertising through blogging’ wagon only because it’s such a hot & current trend now – since that’s what everyone is doing why not, maybe a case of peer/online societal influence? … After all, that’s what the most popular blogs are doing, and they must be doing something right so why don’t I register with a particular online ad company and do the “right” thing too?

In addition, this article makes me ponder about the reasons behind the success of some of these blogs that attract such a high rate of readership. Sure, I do believe that for some of those blogs, they do have substantial value and often have unique selling points – say, ‘a fashion insider to having a fashion shop  which shows us how concepts of designing the apparels are put into application … and how is it like to manage a retail business and to ensure its success and popularity amongst consumers ‘ or a food critic blog which certainly is a great directory for many of us to find the best food haunts in Singapore *im guilty of that too* … But, I’ve also come across many comments from people that some of the most popular local blogs have not much content in them … just lots of pictures of them clubbing & partying non-stop and hitting the hottest waterholes in town. Or countless of self-portrait shots of themselves. According to those who commented, they feel that these blogs lack of substance … and purely, just portray these party-goers as wasting their lives away. Perhaps. but I suppose that at the end of the day, no matter how much some people bitched & gossiped about how superficial these blogs are and that these bloggers are just “bimbos/airheads” … we cannot deny that as human beings, we fall into the trap of being dazzled and bewildered by the lifestyles of the rich & famous & beautiful … it becomes almost inevitable that we, as ordinary citizens, are enchanted by the lifestyles that are deemed more impossible to attain. So, as dumb as it might sound to read up about the lifestyles of others – it’s however true that when something is being more portrayed as glitzy and fabulous … we just can’t help ourselves but get enthralled by it.

Juliet beat me to the punch and wrote about her views regarding blogging and I find her piece quite intriguing – Do bloggers and blog readers have way too much time at hand? Why do people blog? To share their latest happenings with their friends? To pen down their thoughts and emotions? Fame is exciting, hence to get their 15mins of fame online? Make their online presence more prevalent? To purely follow the trend since it’s the in-thing? There’s a list of countless reasons why one would blog.

Personally … Being a self-confessed techno-idiot (which most of my friends would agree likewise), I would admit that when blogging first became popular and a phenomenon, I was skeptical of how this trend would be able to last in this world of ever-changing technology. In fact, never in my life would I ever thought of jumping onto the ‘blogging’ wagon … In my mind, I was wondering who the heck wants to let the world know about their personal life, feelings and emotions … wouldn’t a handwritten journal suffice better as a diary? and why in the world would they want others to ‘invade into their privacy/personal space’ … Besides, would anyone actually be so bored to want to read up about the lifestyles of others when they are already so occupied with lives of their own?!

 So, it’s really such an irony that I decided against my initial mindset and set up my very own blog this year. In the end, I ended up having to eat my words man. The motivation behind it? To document my journey with the special Mr Ming Kiat – and I dare say that Im proud of our relationship and thus, would like to share my happiness with him to my friends. It’s so different from my previous r/s where I felt the need to keep numb about it most of the time and when my friends asked about it, I usually prefer to provide just very superficial details and not indulge in more. Basically, it was a rather low-profile r/s that I rather not talk about. But this time round, it’s so different – almost a complete 180 degrees to how I felt back then. “timeless beauty referring to love” and yes, i love my boy dearly so what’s there to hide about?! and of course, along the way … I realised that it’s quite a convenient option to pen down my thoughts (not that Im a great writer) so comes the occassional opinions on certain topics that I find appealing. And yes, im a victim of writing about the usual boring rantings/raves about daily life and social gatherings. lol. But for personal thoughts – I still do prefer to discuss and talk it out with friends anyday than just to jote down on the blog.. after all, discussion is something more interactive and conversational.

I like how Juliet sums it up ” but i will always remember that this blog doesn’t replace nor stray from what i am as a person. neither is it aspiring to be a political,social, or even a fashion mouthpiece. it reflects many facets of what i am, and my friends.”


On another note, MK’s back to Ngee Ann Poly today to train his juniors in Muay Thai boxing … so accompanied him for awhile before heading home. He’s coming for a slpover again later and to visit Fat girl and her jellybeans. 🙂 Tell me, how can you find such a great boyfriend who’s willing to travel all the way almost daily from Jurong West to AMK just to spend more time together?!

When its quiet and lonely at night, I think of you and knowing that I have you in my life, there’s no fear of loneliness or silence for i can spend just the whole time thinking of how wonderful my life is with your love – im a lucky girl –

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  1. heard ur hamster gave birth. heee so cute. anyways babe do u read cleo. cos 21 june there’s this cleo sentosa event. sounds fab. u wanna go? i’ll ask the rest along too.

  2. sure, im up for it. whats it about? 🙂 let me know if we are cfm going in advanced k? my sch schedule for this sem is crazy … 😦 btw, i still want to head to Mimolette with u gals, heard its an awesome place!

  3. yar summer sem sucks!!! and mgm 403 is a damn waste of moolahs ):

  4. mz:

    i know. precisely. it shld be either com300 or mgm403 … or at least have different syllabus and projects for both. now,we have to do marketing research twice! :(‘ let’s prepare ourselves for a world of study only and hardly any play lol! hahaha.

    btw, i loveee your cupcakes, look so pretty. and yummy, please, i want one too for my bdae lol. hahahhaha. so thick-skinned. :p

  5. HAHAHAHAHA. ya learning the same thing again. NO PROB!!! when’s your bday man? whoops. i dunno :p

  6. 13th december … and actually, i would still be in UB then lol :p hahahha.

  7. ))): nevermind. i send u cupcake postcards! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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