.Mother’s Love.

I never thought much of Vesak Day all these years – always just take it as a great chance *public holiday* to relax and chill or perhaps spend a day out with friends but for this year, it’s probably the most memorable Vesak Day that I can ever hope for 🙂  Fat girl had just given birth to a litter of roughly 10 baby hamsters. That’s a large number of pups that Fat Girl has – can you imagine carrying 10 lil’ pups in that small body of hers? It’s no easy task, RESPECT. However, I know that there’s a possibility that she could eat up a couple of her babies given the fact that she has such a huge litter.

Been by her tank for 5 hours – the entire 2 hours when she was in labour and 3 hours for post-labour. No words can ever describe the tumult of emotions that went through me .. feelings of total happiness for her that she’s giving birth (and in a way, watching the whole birth process … something that ive never seen before and being there to see how she has given birth from 1 pup all the way to 10 pups. It’s an amazing feeling) … yet at the same time, experiencing the feelings of anxiety – not knowing if you can be a capable owner to help ease her pregnancy period. More importantly, through this experience – I really got to see how great a Mother’s Love can be …  Despite being all shagged out and exhausted, Fat Girl still managed to conserve sufficient energy to build up a cozy nest to provide comfort and shelter for her pups as well as breast-feeding all her pups. It’s not easy- being a first-time mummy and having to gather up all our remaining energy towards catering to the needs of not just 1 or 2 pups, but a total of 10 wriggling pups … and not having any help from anyone else. Total respect & admiration that I have for Fat Girl.

It’s unfortunate that MK had to do some visiting on Vesak Day… if not, he would certainly love to be there to witness this really beautiful thing with me.

And what’s daddy *Dustball* doing while Fat girl undergoes through pregnancy?

Yes. Sleeping on a warm Monday morning – just the perfect concoction for a lazy bum sleep lol. Note: He’s in a separate tank since syrians are solitary animals.

So, having 2 furkids is not enough – adding *for now* 10 more little baby pups into our growing ‘family’ !!
Let’s welcome the Vesak Day babies –

.Nothing like a mother’s love.


Yet another set of good news: Finally checked my grades for last semester and I got to say that Im pretty satisfied with it. Didn’t think I would be doing that well for this semester (you know, with distractions from Baby!! haha… more tuition and events planning commitments) and afterall, I did quite poorly for mid-terms for a couple of the modules but surprisingly, it all ended up pretty well. Still maintaining my GPA of 3.42 / 4  🙂  good, I hope it remains like this or gets even better! lol. Who doesn’t anyway right?


Weekends: Spent with HIM …

All dolled up & ready to meet that special someone … loving this dress too.

Decided to check out Wasabi Tei after reading so much raves about it and despite having to wait for an hour just for 30mins of food. Well, excellent quality of jap food that is. I don’t think I’ve ever waited this long for food at all – however, the maximum time I had to ever wait in a queue was back in Jap DisneySea last yr where I waited an average of 50mins – 1hr45mins each for a ride that probably lasted for only a couple of mins. Talk about the exchange of time.

Me: Sashimi Set : Thick & succulent slices of sashimi. A sashimi lover’s paradise.

Him: Cod Fish set. Simply tasty, I love it. enough said. Planning to whip up cod fish in teriyaki sauce for our next ‘stay-at-home cooking’ dish!

Baby in his Police Uniform! Looking smart, that’s my officer boy 🙂

Careers! Careers! And careers!

Baby just received a letter from the Republic of Singapore Air Force asking him to head down next wk for a rigorious 5hours test for the application of ‘Weapon System Officer’. Nothing’s certain till he sits for the test, gets the results and move on the next phrase of the application. So yup, asking him to go for the test & give it a shot before deciding where to head to after that. Main motivation of signing on would be the money (pretty good starting pay & good annual bonuses) but as we all know, signing on to a military specialist job usually mean a short-lived career span .. often having to retire at the age of 40. So, what’s he gonna do after that? There’s not much relevant experiences with working in the air force too right? In any case, I know that at the end of the day, what baby really wants is to be involved in the business world – especially in the alcohol distribution, nightlife, tourism or even sports industry (even my auntie agreed that he seems suitable in the sports industry) – and to ultimately, set up a business venture of his very own. Being adventurous, he had ventured into organising parties/launch events in clubs and even, an online forum/site during his poly days – sure, there were hiccups, but he’s still determined to excel in his career. 🙂  Personally for me, I’ve seen the setback -both financially & emotionally- that my parents had encountered when their franchise business venture failed and thus, never exactly develop a sense of entreprenership that an increasingly number of youngsters have these days. Quite relunctant to be risky when it comes to investing money in business ventures – Im actually satisfied with working for people. Not so ambitious? Maybe. I dunno, I believe that money is crucial – come on, everything needs money but somehow, im just not that driven to making lots of money. Give up my social and personal life in exchange of making tons tons of cash? I dunno if Im exactly that kind of person. Just sufficient money to support my lifestyle and a bit of luxury here and there and Im a happy person.

Quite similar, I happened to read this article “Business is in the blood of these 2 poly graduates” from today’s newspaper regarding young but determined entrepreneurs. I find the story on Mr Daniel Charles particularly inspiring … At just 20 yrs of age, he already owned 2 companies in the motor racing businesses – as quoted “one selling motor sports products, and another a 1-mth old service-oriented business bringing the experience of driving anything, from a go-kart to Formula 1 car, to paying clients”. Despite much bumps and hiccups on the way, he stood by his aims and had the last laugh in the end when his company made a turnover of more than $50 000 in 6mths. In addition, his businesses are basically a 1-man show and he has to deal with clients from across the globe – all of these, while still working towards getting his diploma. I might not be like these people but there’s nth I have other than respect for them.

Argh, and it’s back to school tomorrow – terrible!!! I wish the holidays would last longer …


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