.a foodie affair.

Finally, satisfying our cravings for oysters (after a long 1mth wait!) … totally delicious.

A great friday with great company – friends! Christine, Samuel & Kristin!!! and also, much of a food fiesta affair for me too … feasting constantly the entire day.  

First up, lunch & tea with Chris & Sam  – as usual, it’s always so much fun & laughter with these 2 around. cracking me up non-stop with their funny antics and jokes … And unsurprisingly, with Sam around – it’s always us two gals accompanying him on his various shopping missions. This time round, it’s a casual school bag for him. Such a stark irony considering the fact that it’s always assumed that gals are the shopaholics.

Headed to HOUSE at Dempsey Hills for dinner with Kristin. Nice outdoor ambiance – lush greenary which surrounds the restaurant. Chilled-out vibe. Casual & Breezy. Great service too – friendly and attentive waitresses and 1 of its PR executive (a really chio lady who looks like Andrea Fonseka) even came to our table to attend to any enquiries and also, made the initiative to chat with us. Now, this is what I call great customer service that makes a lasting impression. Food wise, I would say it’s pretty pricey but overall, delicious food that taste healthy & yet tasty at the same time and of course, sinful desserts. Must-tries: Red Snapper Fish Pie, Ratatouille Stuffed Eggplant, Foie Gras Ravioli Consomme, Lemon Macadamia Tart (totally heavenly!!! Im in love with it. ) & Triple Chocolate Brownie. Such an expensive affair – costs a hefty $100 for a dinner for 2 – starting to feel the pinch. Nevertheless, certainly a place that I would be coming back for more.

Heading out to meet up with baby soon (i know, we seem so addicted to each other. 4 days of 24/7 doesn’t seem enough) – window-shopping spree! Great Singapore Sales is coming up in a wk’s time – can hardly wait. I already have a list of items that I would like to purchase, all planned out in my mind.


3 responses to “.a foodie affair.

  1. hun i always wonder how u have so much time to run around. family, friends, and even a boyfriend. work and your students. between work, students, friends, family, i can’t even squeeze in time for myself 😦
    not that i mind being unattached lah. haha. ure like super woman tho.

  2. you know liet, i think if she conserves all the energy that she has in a day with her packed schedule, she could probably complete two full marathons in a day.

  3. juliet – hmm, good question! there’re many times whereby I feel like I need better time management with all the many priorities in life too lol.

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