.love in tioman.

In the early whee hours of the morning to catch our coach ride to m’sia. Baby and I had a such a busy Saturday and had to run a couple of errands in the night that we didnt even sleep prior to setting off to Malaysia. But it’s alright – made full use of the long travelling time to catch up on some good old’ rest.

Finally, it’s TIOMAN baby!
.Our resort – Paya Beach Resort.

Standard Chalet – that’s very kelong style. Basic but in a sense, different from the usual hotels and resorts that we often stay at during vacations. Rustic…

When dusk falls, such a pretty sight!

Lunch at a friendly local family-operated diner … what else but Malaysia’s famous Ramly Burgers. Absolutely tasty, that we even went back for ramly burgers again for lunch the following day!

It’s Tioman that we’re talking about now, so of course that leaves us with no other option than to head to Paya beach where we enjoyed the sea breeze, clear pristine waters and soft sand. Baby even went on a mini-short snorkelling trip around the surrounding waters and found himself surrounded by a couple of fishes (he was especially fascinated by the rainbow fish that he even tried to chase after it lol).  

It’s so cliche but yet, we did what most couples do as hyped up by movies – watching the sunset together. So cliche, but nonetheless- such a beautiful & romantic sight.

Day 2: Snorkelling excursion to Marine Park & Renggis Island. Look at just how clear and pristine the waters are … so blue, and you can even see the rocks & corals that lay underneath the water surface. So picturesque! Makes me just wanting to jump straight into the sea and bask in the warmth of the sun.

cam-whoring during the bum-boat ride, full of anticipation!!!

More breath-taking sights …

Marine Park: Honestly, I expected more from Marine Park but nevertheless, it was still a great experience to been able to snorkel over at there … Lots of fishes and I can’t deny that it’s almost a surreal feeling to be surrounded by the schools of fishes underwater. Feels almost as if we were in an aquarium ourselves.

Try spotting the fishes!

On the other hand, Renggis Island is absolutely stunning… teeming with beautiful & colourful corals, sea urchins, and underwater marine creatures such as angel, buffalo fishes and many other fish species. Apparently, clown fishes, stingrays and harmless sharks are also often sighted around this little tiny island. Too bad that we didn’t managed to spot those.

Local kids having fun building their sand-castle. Lifestyle at Tioman is simply very carefree … laid-back and relaxing. Friendly and helpful locals … Just the perfect place for a beach paradise vacation! In fact, life here kinda remains me of life at p.ubin – super slow-paced and chill lifestyle.

Later in the afternoon – decided to explore the surrounding waters and island. That’s where we headed to! Awesome place – teeming with fishes… these fishes of all varieties flock to you whenever you feed them with bread .. In a way, we felt that it was our very own island … undisturbed, peaceful and quiet.

Dinner at another nearby resort – Tioman Paya Resort. Delicious food at cheap prices. Im so glad that we ventured out of our comfort zone (our resort) and did a little exploring of our own to find this great food haunt. Love the cereal squid and sambal fish!!!

Day 3: Started off the day by feeding our ‘pets at Tioman’ aka fishes just at our doorstep! No dustball & fat girl for us .. but it’s alright – we have our fishes for company! Look at them jostling for the pieces of bread!

Self-loving shots before heading out for more adventure on day 3.

A short jungle trek to find the rock falls. So, here goes nothing …

First attempt : LOST! After 20mins of venturing into the unknown, we found ourselves returning back to the original point where we start out. Even discovered an abandoned house … might be haunted, eerie!

So, more walking and exploring ….

Second attempt: SUCCESS! finally, found the rock falls after a much treacherous hike (much exaggerated). It was certainly worth all the hike and trekking (in our slippers and beach casual outfit! what an attire for hiking huh?). Refreshing spring water and a little spring pool area all to ourselves. 🙂 What else could be better than to cool ourselves down after a hot and exhausting hike right?

Sharing our secret find with an uninvited guest (monitor lizard!). hrmph. Thank god, that it left shortly after.

Fun in the resort swimming pool, where once again – no one else is there and we had the entire pool to ourselves. Bad choice perhaps, because we had such a splendid time together – playing the kids’ pool slide, attempting at sychronized swimming stunts, pushing each other into the pool, competing each other in swimming … I believed that we contributed alot of noise pollution lol* (lots of non-stop laughter and shouts!) … I never knew that one can have so much fun at a swimming pool till that day lol. We reckon that there’s bound to be more visits to Sentosa & Raffles Town Club(for the pool) from this trip onwards!

To end off the entire trip, we decided to pamper ourselves with a little message treat at the resort’s SPA – tropical holistic spa 🙂  Decided on the “Massage Paya Classic” – relaxing top-to-toe aromatheraphy oil message (with essential oils). A very soothing massage that elevated us to the state of blissfulness and rejuvenation. Wonderful! 🙂 Baby wants more couples’ spa together!!!

More sumptuous dinner at Paya Resort. Last dinner on the island of Tioman 🙂

Day 4: Time to bid farewell… Cant believe that 4 days just passed by so quickly and now, its time to say “bon voyage”. Had one of the best and most memorable time ever and of course, being there with him makes it all the more significant and unforgettable. All the love in the air, laughter & fun, blissfulness … all on a little tiny island.

Love in Tioman – Just Ming Kiat & Stephanie –
Thank you baby for everything.

This trip certainly affirmed our love for each other even more so than ever – we bring out the best in each other 🙂  And if not for him, I might have been swept away by the rather strong currents at Pulau Renggis (long story) but we stand by each other and help each other through more challenging periods of our lives. Already, we are looking forward to more trips in the next year … a short m’sia getaway in july/august before I leave for Buffalo … NYC for Christmas at year end (if he can make it) and another trip (maybe, Japan? Cairns, Australia? Koh Samui? ) for our graduation trip next May (me, from UB .. him, ORD) !!! 🙂  travel, travel, travel !


3 responses to “.love in tioman.

  1. foooooooooooooooooooo! i’m no. 1! muahuahakuahuhahaha.

  2. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog while finding reviews for Paya Beach Resort at Tioman on cozycot. I hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions! (although its almost a year since your entry…haha)

    Your trip was 4D3N, which means you extended 1 night stay? That whole package was $160 for 3 nights and snorkelling trips plus food?

    Lastly, I would like to know the kind of treatment you did at their spa and the rough cost of it?

    Thanks a lot babe, hope you don’t mind the abruptness!:) Do reply to my email and have a great day!

  3. I was glad you shared your happiness in Tioman :))) I went to Paya Beach recently. You can check out my blog here. Cheers 🙂

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