Baby and I heading off to Tioman for the next 4 days, 3 nights! 🙂
Can hardly wait.. been anticipating this trip for the past 2mths+. We have to be there at 6am and it’s already 2.45am and baby and i are still awake… doubt that we would be sleeping. Probably slp on our journey there. Moreover, I haven’t exactly got the time to really relax and enjoy the laid-back life of holidays yet, so here’s my only chance. No disturbance from anyone … No worries of work commitments. Just YOU & ME. 🙂 Perfect !!!


2 responses to “.tioman,tioman,tioman.

  1. awwww… so sweet… tioman~~ haha! i’ve been there before!! beware of jellyfishes. LOL

  2. yea, tioman’s lovely and absolutely stunning! thank god, we didnt encounter any jellyfishes lol. but my bf got bitten by two in ubin before…

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