.Paisley & Cream Cafe.

Saturday Tea at the lovely and cozy ‘Paisley & Cream’.

Mango Flavour Cupcake

Mixed Berries Flavour Cupcake

Too pretty to be eaten, huh?

Just like a perfect English tea at a little cafe by the street-side (sorta).

Tea, sweet pastries with clotted cream/preserves, light sandwhiches and scones and people-watching … that seems like the perfect life. Im sure I can get used to the occasional afternoon tea chill-out.  

Anyone wants a cuppa tea with moi?


4 responses to “.Paisley & Cream Cafe.

  1. hey babe! your blog’s a good read! and and.. omg those pics look sooo cool. you’re gonna have such a great time!! can’t wait to hear from you! how did you know abt my blog too? through zhongxun is it? haha it’s like super untouched already…

  2. hey babe! oli tinks we shld do smth meaningful like a pedi heh. i don’t mind but i know ure gonna meet us super late rite? how much upon 1-10 do u wanna club on fri?

  3. Hey pretty babe!
    I love your pictures=)
    Are you still doing events? Hope to do one with you!

  4. kris:

    yup, i got your link through zx’s blog! yes, 17th dempsey road… cant wait either. its gonna be a blast! 🙂


    see you later at Timbre!!!! 🙂 its been way too long.


    babe! haha… well, if theres an event that comes along and i can make it- why not?! 🙂 yea man, lets meet up with corde,miyo, etc too!! 🙂 been alil busy planning for fashion show and corporate events.

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