finally done with exams. and you know what? Im still stressed up.
June’s going to be a hectic month. Summer semester is always insane with its hectic and hurried schedules. More fashion shows-cum-club events to organise and plan. Tuition. 2 volunteer assignments. Preparation for UB. And my best friend, Sara is going to return for a month of visiting from Canada. GOSH.
Im probably going to give up a few stuff in order to maintain my sanity and a healthy balance in my social life. It’s either a choice of all work and no play or some work and some play. I wld choose the latter.


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  1. hi there! i think you should sign up for the singtel grid girls contest!

  2. WAHAHAHA. omg lar. everyone is like posting exams are over once it’s over. i mean IMMEDIATELY can? eerie. LOL.

    anyway, this is my first step to stalk you during the holidays! hahahaha (:

  3. hey babe sure i wld. just let me know abt it! hey i was looking tru the grid girls thing. i tink u shld sign up for it! good exposure + money. i just hope they dont make u run arnd in skimpy togs cos it makes for bad rep. if u wanna go into marcom line nxt time.

  4. passerby:

    hey. peifen! 🙂 siloso beach resort is lovely. did u stay at the one with your very own private jacuzzi? it’s so worth it (imo). anyways,everyone’s watching gossip girl. im so slow! ha.

    haha. i dunno man. im not exactly the race type of girl lol. besides, i would be off in buffalo then. when would u be starting your internship babe?

  5. haha. i’m not that reach to stay in the room with private jacuzzi can? his bday already cost me $500 T.T.

    btw, you’re still my fav girl! hohoho. join anything and i’ll vote! HAHAHAHA

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