Just took an utterly adorable picture of fat girl … sleeping with her butt out of her little sunflower house!


Spent the bulk of the weekends working for anj creative dance school’s open house 2008. Easy job, new friends and yes, more money! 🙂 There’s always a part of me that wants to take up dancing – it used to be either hip hop or MTV dance mix when I was still in secondary school/JC but as I grew older, that interest changed to latin dancing such as salsa and rumba. Gave dancing a shot a couple of times before but somehow, im all clumsy and forgetful when it comes to dance steps and routines. 😦 

Anyway, that’s not the point. What I want to state is that you would be surprised with the increasing number of middle-aged folks who pick up social/latin dancing as a hobby. Some even signed up for 2-3 different dance classes at a shot and for the bulk of them, they appeared to have a strong and keen interest and passion to express through dancing. As they say, learning is a lifelong process.. no one is too old to pick up or learn a new skill 🙂

.lovely dance shoes.
that don’t come cheap


Stress & Pressure:

Lately, i find myself plunged into a tumult of emotion and stress. There’s just so much pressure to not only want to get good grades for each semester but also, to get prior relevant working experience so as to give me the comparative advantage when I graduate and start looking for a job next year. Yes, it’s all self-inflicted but the sudden thought that I might not save up enough money for retirement (i know, everyone thinks it’s absurd when i start talking about retirement fund when Im not even out of university yet!) is petrifying and frightening. I don’t want to be 70 years old and still having to find myself constantly working just so that I can support myself financially.

There’s no right or wrong in the way that each individual leads their life so honestly, its not for me to judge how one wants their life to be. Recently, someone I know is going to get married and everyone knows that settling down is never a cheap affair. The wedding banquet and preparations itself already costs a bomb and let’s not forget that for most couple- they would opt to have their own living space if possible. Since when does housing comes cheap in Singapore? And so, for this couple …  A 3-bedroom flat that costs an estimated $380 000 when the market price is $150 000 just because it offers a “scenic beach view”. A dream wedding at the beautiful “The Sentosa Resort & Spa” where a table costs an astonishing $1200. It’s totally fine if say the couple is doing well financially and have been saving up their money for their very big day. However, it’s not quite so for this couple. The guy had just started his own company about a year back and the girl quitted her job so that she can devote and dedicate her time and energy into investing in his dream job. Basically, had it been an average couple – what most people would say is “Work harder to turn your dream wedding into reality” … but well, sometimes, some lucky people are born with a silver spoon. or golden spoon, i would say so myself. Parents being loving parents, inevitably offered to pay for the bulk of these payments. I know that it’s difficult to save up such a large sum of money within a few years of working and on most occasions, the parents will definitely chip in a sum of money to help foot for part of the wedding expenses. However for this particular case- I personally just feel that if the couple knows that they are not financially stable yet then they should compromise to work things out and perhaps settle for a less luxurious or expansive wedding/apartment. To add to that, he has his very own car all paid for too – full payment of the car all settled. It’s quite amusing to me that all that these people have to do is to raise their hands out, and money starts coming in. But it makes me ponder – really, how long can one lead such a lifestyle (let’s exclude the filthy wealthy people here) whereby you become so dependent on your parents/family for cash? Money is fleeting. One day, the cash is going to run out and you realise that life is not as perfect as it seems and that’s when you have to work at life to keep it going.

Straits Times once published an article before – regarding working adults who still rely on their parents for financial means. An example listed was this gentleman who brought home a monthly income of about $3300 which frankly to speak, is sufficient if you don’t indulge on frequent luxuries in life. But no, it wasn’t so for him. In fact, as quoted “he uses contributions from his parents for shopping .. armed with 3 supplementary credit cards from his mother, he indulges his designer tastes at top boutiques like Hugo Boss and DKNY. His mother also covers his mobile phone bills, which can reach up to $600.” Likewise, another lady admitted that she could get by her $2000 salary but that would mean that she would have to cut down on her shopping. Hence, her parents not only foot for her $340 monthly car-park bill but also, “funded her extravagant shopping purchases, such as a $3000 Chanel handbag and a pair of $600 Ferragamo shoes”. I understand if the child is in dire need of money and the parents offer a lending hand. But for the case of asking money from the parents just so that the excess money can support their expansive lifestyle? I think that’s just outrageous and ridiculous. You have a job – so work at it and earn your own cash to maintain your own lifestyle. Lifestyle is a choice that one makes – frugal or costly. Such mindsets that some of these adults have is just going to continue to breed dependency on their part.

On the other hand, Ive friends who aren’t so fortunate and thus, have to earn their own keeps while studying. Or for the even less priviledged – they are only left with the option of working first to save up the sufficient funds before they can pursue further studies. Life’s tough. That’s why like I’ve said before – I admire people who can keep a balance between studies and part-time work or work full-time/study part-time. Better still, if they can maintain all their distinctions. It’s not easy .. imagine, after a day of schooling – there’s still work commitments that u have to attend to and just when you thought that you are done with the day, there’s still assignments and projects to tackle with. Bravos to those of you, you’ve earned my full respect and admiration for your determination and drive. It might seemed like a trying and challenging period of your time now but Im pretty sure that at the end of the day, your efforts are going to be paid. And you guys know that you worked your ass off for it … that’s what that makes it all the more worth-while and satisfying.

Baby, you too. You know that I’ll stand by you and try my very best to help you out whenever possible. We’ll go through this together.


Finally, a shoutout to Juliet – congrats for getting the internship at SPH. you know that many would love to be in your position – prestigious career move for u babe. does this means less clubbing and girl nights’ out for us? 😦


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  1. thanks babe 🙂 when i first knew you, while we clicked, I always had the impression of u as a rich girl who was very blessed to have alot of things that most of us do without. but after u started blogging n we smsed more, i realised we’re actually really alike in terms of our thinking. totally agree with u abt the retirement part – i know, im super conscious abt saving for retirement too. afterall we only haf this span of our life when we can work really hard. and yes, agree w u that its not easy balancing work and studies. its tough! n nowadays, ppl look for fresh grads with 4 years of work exp. hallo, i’ve been busy studying ok, where got 4 years of work exp. we just haf to do with whatever that’s in the present, and not worry about what’s gonna happen in the future i guess. anyway, here’s a cute blog to cheer u up http://www.stickgal.blogspot.com

    loves! we haf to meet up when u come back frm tioman, alright? i bet olivia will be busy working as a barmaid, again, so we haf to chope her too. take care n don’t stress!

  2. LOL. So i’m not the only one thinking so far about the future.. we really have to plan the different milestones in our lives and what we can leave behind for the next generation too…

    One last paper for u, all the best!! =D

  3. juliet:

    haha. i cant imagine olivia’s gonna work as a barmaid! i never have any female friends who were barmaids before lol. does this means free drinks for us? :p

    yes, u too. dont stress too much. let’s take things as it comes and enjoy life as it comes along. life’s unpredictable, we cant exactly foresee the future. i love stickgal’s blog. super cute – a picture says a thousand words and cheer us up!


    finally. done with exams. enjoy our pathetic (lol) 3 wks of hols alright 🙂

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