.it’s all about birthdays.

Three 21st birthday parties over a weekend.
1 house party and 2 chalet parties at Aloha Loyang.
Happy Belated 21st to Chern Chieh, Wendy and Shi Hui 🙂
There’s also Shuling‘s 21st birthday at yet another chalet ages ago.

Shi Hui’s bf is real sweet too, created a movie using the photos of the both of them. Gweny, debra, evan, soy hoon and I thought he might even be proposing to her at the end of the clip lol.

Speaking of being 21 … Im gonna turn 21 too, in 8mths’ time. Honestly, I don’t really think of 21 as being such a hyped-up thing as what most think of. So, whenever anyone asks me if I have any plans for a smashing celebration … the excuse that I give which is true too, is that I will be away in US so i wouldn’t get to celebrate it here anyways. But if I really do, what that matters most to me would be the company of my family, closest friends and of course, HIM. Everyone loves a BIG party with all their friends going but really, at the end of the day, your different groups of friends are just going to stick to themselves and it’s only you the host who will be running around and making sure that all runs well. It’s an exhausting task. I would prefer quality time with just the ones who matter most to me.

It’s all about ‘ifs’ here … hence if given a choice and the money capabilities – I would choose a yacht mini celebration with just baby and the closest of my girlfriends and that would truly make me a happy girl 🙂 It’s expensive though, so … … must think twice and thrice before I come to a decision. Either that or I would most probably stick to having different birthday celebrations with the different group of friends … the usual thing but perhaps, try incorporating a special touch to it.

Since we’re on the topic of birthdays, we just had a birthday celebration at the studentcare for two of the girls too. But boy are they still so young – one just turned 8 and the other 9. I feel OLD. somehow, this birthday celebration reminds me of my Macdonald’s birthday celebration when I was 6 years old when all we cared back then was food and more food, games and fun.

They are so camera-shy lol… didn’t wanna smile for the cameras!

They finally did so, after much persuasion…
wide smiles 🙂

Naturally, all kids would be smiling when there’s fun and food !!!

Happy Birthday to everyone!!! and I know, more Birthdays to come!


2 responses to “.it’s all about birthdays.

  1. GOOD MORNING STEPH! I’ve read about how you stood up for me and zach (well, more for me la because they were shooting me) on this random forum. HUGS! It doesn’t really matter what they say, as long as those who should know, know. After all, does a blog entirely represent the person? I dont think so.


  2. hey! haha, even though we havent met personally yet but hearing from MK and also, reading about how loving u are to zach on ur blog certainly shows how much u love and adore him. that’s why i just dont think it’s right if others judge you wrongly just by the name of your blog.

    u go gal 🙂

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