.kids, tuition and blogging.

3 times tuition this week.
Most people would decrease the tuition sessions when their exam time is drawing nearer. YET here I am, increasing the number of times that Im heading down to the studentcare centre. But really, now that all projects and assignments are done … I cant stand being too bored at home, and just spending the time revising for the papers. And since i enjoy the company of those kids, coupled with the fact that their exams are approaching too, I thought I might as well spend more time at the centre in that case.

Had some spare time so it’s ‘pictures time’ for some of the kids, they love taking pictures anyways!
Here’s presenting:
Eddie: the most mischievous kid EVER!
Christine: the sweet and soft-spoken korean girl
Hong Chuan: boys will always be boys …
Kenneth: 1 of my fav student!

Slightly more than a week left to the holidays. Isn’t that what everyone else is looking forward to?
Travel. Friends. Hobbies. Preparation for UB trip.
Unfortunately, unlike my fellow friends at NUS/NTU/SMU – mine’s just a pathetic 3 weeks before my summer semester begins.


Just found a thought-provoking read about blogging from http://www.ifbu.blogspot.com/

How Stressful is blogging? Really?

When I first started blogging, I thought it a mere obsession. I tried to blog every day, developing a ritual by chronicling my personal style. Once it became a habit, and the more involved I became with my blog, the more time it took, and the more I demanded of myself. I love the growth, and it’s opened the door to many other opportunities, but at what cost?   

Once I asked a fellow blogger how much time she spends blogging, she replied, “oh, about 2 hours a day” She has a pretty successful blog, so I thought I was doing something wrong because I was spending nearly every night researching, getting linked into various social networks, looking for new blogs….etc. Juggling everything in my life started to get pretty intense. Then I realized, it was stress.

This Sunday, the New York Times wrote a compelling article about the role of stress in a bloggers life. The 24/7, round-the-clock nature of the web has bloggers latched onto the ether struggling to be the first, the best, whatever, and it’s having grave consequences. One blogger gained 30lbs since he started his blog. (I’ve gained 10). Two leading bloggers have actually died of heart attacks in the past few months.

Blogging can be loads of fun. Heck, I wouldn’t do it, if it weren’t. It can be stressful, hard, intense.

It’s also very important to take care, be healthy.

What kinds of things to do you do to stay happy, healthy and well rested as a blogger?


My opinions on this?
I have always thought of blogging as a hobby – a leisure activity that people enjoy doing – perhaps because it provides us a chance to escape from reality … a little haven for us to pass time and jot down our thoughts and experiences. To some, blogging can be portrayed as a platform whereby they could write about a particular topic that’s of great interest to them and share it with the rest of the world (for instance, fashion, gossip/tabloid or politics independent bloggers). But I believe that for the bulk of us, blogging is some sort of an online journal where we can write about our daily activities and express our feelings and opinions.

However, it becomes scary when one becomes so addicted to blogging and brings blogging to a whole new level. Obsession or Addiction to anything is never a good thing. I personally don’t believe that anyone should feel obligated to blog because if that is the case – wouldn’t blogging be seen as yet another set of work for us? If we blog with the mindset that “I got to come up with something interesting and intriguing to write about”, it’s definitely bound to take away the fun of blogging. In fact, it takes away the spontaneous and ‘spur of the moment’ essence of blogging because you might just want to come up with a blog entry just for the sake of blogging and so … when that is finally done, you heave a sigh of relief and think to yourself that “at least it’s done and over with”. If that’s so, I don’t see the difference between blogging and completing assignmenets. Sounds the same to me.

One of the reasons why these people gets so obsessed with blogging and perfecting their blogs could be due to comparison. People love to compare. There’s millions and millions of blogs out there and hence, so much for comparison. But what we have to understand is that there’ll always be others out there who are better than us. If we are going to live our life comparing, then it’s bound to be a sad and miserable life for us. The goals and aims of blogging also play an important role in contributing to the accelerating stress levels of some of these bloggers (IMO). Perhaps, the group of bloggers who feel the tremendous amount of stress and obligation would be bloggers who have successful and popular blogs. Therefore, the desire for them to want to maintain/ increase the readership and no. of subscribers is there … and so, explains the stress for them to constantly come up with something captivating and fascinating and also, to be consistently kept updated of the latest happenings. It becomes inevitable for them to feel the pressure to beat other well-established bloggers to the punch of becoming one of the best or most popular bloggers out there.

At the end of the day, blogging should be viewed as something fun and enjoyable .. not something which we have to fret and get all worried about. Bottomline: Blogs should very much be an expression of ourselves and the rush of passion.


5 responses to “.kids, tuition and blogging.

  1. oh u just gotta click on that annoymous button! yepppp! anyway ya u go google and check out PALIN. its at bras basah and the short courses are abt 300. i have some graphic design background alr, but just wanna haf more grounding. french course? sounds cool. haha. can’t wait to see u aft exams la!

  2. anyway, same! i’m increasing my tuition frequency too! i don’t think i’m the kind who can sit down and mug all day lah.

  3. hahaha! i used to give tuition to young kids too, they can be really adorable at times but a nuisance at other times. i bet ure so damn looking forward to ur trip la!

  4. juliet

    yea! i just checked out on the PALIN courses too. their design courses sound good.. thought of getting some fundamental basics before i head over to US to take up a module on ‘communication graphics’.

    yea man, ive been home the whole day so far but have yet started on my revision. 😦 procrastinate.!


    bingo. yes, the trip! i can hardly wait for it either. about 1 more mth to go. 🙂

  5. I remember you, Steph! Its very lovely of you to do the vid for him! 🙂 Haha! Hope you are doing goooood! 🙂

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