.close to you.

Nothing else needs to be said.
.11 days more to go.

4 responses to “.close to you.

  1. i always CANNOT blog in your blog, but let’s see if this time it works. hey! i always wanted to do a FD course too! u wanna check out PADI? its abit exp at 300, but i have a deep distrust of CC FD courses after my aunt went to learn and tried to sew me this hideous brown dress.

  2. omg! i finally figured out how to leave a comment on your blog! you have to write your email! omg! sorry, bimbo moment.
    yay finally i can tell u that yes babe, if u’re tinkin of doing an fd/design course count me in too! i wanna take an exercise course somewhere too, feel flabby. stop spending so much time with mk and rmr to reserve time for i n oli okie? i wanna check out haji lane too – btw, the prices are super expensive. heh.

  3. oh yes! and i love agness deyn’s style. sorry i’m so happy ‘cos i finally figured out how to leave a comment. lol.

  4. BABE!! u are so funny lol, spam my ‘comments page’ with 3 comments! lol.

    Anyways, yea… CC courses are cheap though. After much consideration and discussion with my mum, i dont think im taking the FD/dress-making course anymore. But i still do wanna take French class at the CC, just to give it a shot and try it out. I see that you have a list of things that you would like to accomplish by end of your hols too. same, i have got a growing list lah.

    ahh. of course, i do reserve time for u babes!! i still rmr our promises to club, chill, club after exams. cant wait for the exams to finally end. !

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