.UB, here I come.

Just collected my I-20.
There’s so much preparation to be done – have to head down for the interview before I can be issued with the student visa to enter the United States. and then, there’s also the need to head for a health examination to meet up with the health requirements, trying to find the best deal for airplane tickets (from here to New York and then, New York to Buffalo) , finding airport transportation to UB, getting the winter-gear and clothes … it’s a never-ending list of preparation that I ought to do soon. Time flies after all.  

All of a sudden, Im feeling the jitters – that I would be heading over to UB in just a mere 4 months time’ and really, that reality hasn’t quite set in yet. I seem so unprepared for the trip … haven’t done much research regarding the sort of lifestyle at Buffalo … and yea, the list of stuff that I have to do prior to leaving.
However, reading the posts from eve’s blog (about her memorable uni exchange programme at Mizzou) never fails to keep me anticpating for my turn.

Lovely pictures of the UB campus …



But come Winter, it’s gonna be hell of a freezing time as the temperature drops to a shocking 0 degrees celsius to -20 degrees celsius and snow falling at the rate of more than 100 inches per year.
I love snow but not when snow becomes a burden in our daily lifestyles.

The best thing that comes out of the usually gloomy winter? It’s that baby could possibly be visiting me in New York!!! The plan is that we spend a week in New York City together .. visiting the sites and places of interest and of course, spending Christmas there together 🙂 
There’s always a wish that I have- and that is for me to celebrate Christmas (my fav. festive season) with a loved one and have a romantic time together but alas, that wish has yet to be fulfilled so come 2008, im hoping and praying that a childhood dream would finally come true. 🙂


In the meantime, with exams just round the corner … it also means the final last stretch of hard work to be done before we get to enjoy the holidays. I think Im too bored or something, took up a couple of job assignments for next week. It’s totally the wrong time to  be taking up more jobs but I guess I just want to earn that extra bit of cash to fund my impending hols’ expenses!!!

And I miss a particular someone… counting down to 23rd April.


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