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My experience as a dresser backstage during Singapore Fashion Festival 2008

Have you ever watched a fashion show and wonder how the event was put up … the preparation steps that lead to the eventual style and presentation that the audience view and what happens behind the scene? Well for me, it’s always been the case whereby I would wonder what happens behind the scene – whether it’s for a runway show or a movie/theatre production or even, an event launch. I’m fascinated and intrigued by what happens in the back. True enough, backstage can be total madness and just chaotic when the show begins… energy level running extremely high as there are not only the dressers on stand-by but also, the show directors, stylists, make-up artists and hair-stylists. Given that we have only around 30seconds to change the model into a whole new dazzling outfit, everyone would thus be in such a frantic. The dressers have certainly got to be on our toes all the time … some of the stuff such as accessories, handbags, or even shoes had to be shared amongst the different models so as soon as the previous model was done with the previous outfit, we had to rush to her dresser and get the items and rush back to our models and adorn them with those items. Not to mention that everyone’s shouting and the noise level gets increasingly high and sometimes in the midst of all these- one can’t help but to be frenzy too.

Other than just dressing the models, our other responsibilities include ensuring that all garments are present and in good condition, tapping the soles of the shoes to create more friction and prevent chances of the models slipping down and fall and yes, steaming all the garments to ensure that there’s not much crease. We did alot of steaming while we were there lol.

The perks of it? Definitely the overall experience of being about to be part of a fashion show and I suppose, meeting gorgeous models. Especially if you meet models who are unlike the stereotypes and are actually nice and friendly to the dressers. Thankfully, the 3 models whom I was assigned to were pretty nice – especially Taylor from the alldressedup show. Get a nasty or snobbish model who treats you as if you are invisible and it can totally ruin the experience for that particular show. And of course, friends – chatting and having fun together makes the waiting time seem much shorter than it actually is. Who says that we can’t have fun while we work our ass off as well? The downside or the part that I really detest the most? The long waiting time. Take the alldressedup show for instance, we had to report at 3.30pm but in the end, we were not even allowed into the tent till 3 hours later at 6.30pm. Talk about the waste of time waiting and doing nothing much. I don’t want to say much but most of us agreed that the organisers or at least those in charge of the volunteers are just not prepared and totally un-organised.

Nevertheless, if you ask me –  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Some random pictures that the few of us took while waiting …


I love Melissa babe … she’s one hilarious and funny girl, and 1 drama queen :p

Met up with baby after the alldressedup show.
Our tickets to the Francis Cheong by Cappa Roma fashion show 🙂

It’s our first time viewing a haute couture fashion runway show… and I would say, we are both impressed with the artistry that is reflected upon the fashioning of these dresses and gowns.
Pictures credit to asia one.




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