.another accessory.

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In the midst of all the stress, i found myself eventually sccumbing to the temptation of a mini retail therapy. A lovely mobile charm to add a little touch of glitz to the striking red beauty. šŸ™‚
Just came home from a couple of hrs’ of tuition at the student care …
there’s a new korean girl in town so Uncle T would like me to be
in-charge of tutoring her . She’s a real cute girl, smart … and speaks with an accent. Im pretty excited.
At least, im now able to fully concentrate on one student and not like 6-8 students at one go. šŸ™‚
This would mean my tuition schedule for April is gonna be rather packed. Seems like Im gonna be drowning myself in tuition and revision when MK is off for his 16-days OBS stint from next week onwards.


2 responses to “.another accessory.

  1. hey girly its cheryl from the jap dance event?anyway hello!


  2. Hi cher! šŸ™‚
    saw the pics of the dance event. nice! love the way that they do the hair for u gals šŸ™‚

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