.happy 3rd month.


MK loves me, and I love him – that’s all that matters.
It’s amazing to have someone who gives you unconditional love and who’s supportive of almost everything that you do.
What is this thing called LOVE? True indeed, it’s one of the most difficult question for anyone to answer …
To me,
LOVE is … …

1) the burning desire to share your joy and sorrow with that special one
2) being understanding to each other even through tough periods in our lives
3) always being there for each other and yet at the same time, providing each other enough personal space and individual freedom
4) when nothing else makes me feel as serene or blissed as compared to when Im with him.

There’s alot more reasons that i could give to answer this question … it could be a never-ending list.

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”  — Barbara De Angelis

Happy 3rd Month 🙂



4 responses to “.happy 3rd month.

  1. aaww, such a sweet post. blissful indeed ((:

  2. haha, thanks dear 🙂

  3. babee why no tagboard!!

    sorry didnt have any time to visit your blog earlier. was very very busy! 😦
    wahh so romantic ahh some people! winks winks*

  4. babe!!!
    yea, i know. ur schedule is real packed la, school. indochine. tuition. social life. u must not over-work yourself alright? and meet-up during hols. cant wait for it. 🙂

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