I’ll get to see him again in a few hours’ time!
Time seems to fly by so slowly now … argh.

Something random: Dustball’s growing up process.
From being such a tiny fluff-ball when we first got him, to a beautiful big hamster that he is now 🙂
He’s gonna turn 2mths old real soon! lol.

Hurry! Just got an SMS confirmation that I will be volunteering for the “GRI World of Fashion” show tmr.
Report at 10.30am and the show only starts at 3pm. Im so excited, I hope I get to be a dresser for tomorrow’s event lol.

GRI World of Fashion
– Anne Klein New York, EQ:IQ. Nine West and ST GE

GRI (Global Retail Inc.) is one of the leading international ready-to-wear and accessories brand management group with a core focus in Asia. With a diversified portfolio of brands covering every sector of the market, GRI is able to bring them all under one roof. As part of the Singapore Fashion Festival 2008 GRI will present Anne Klein New York from its luxury portfolio and contemporary style from EQ:IQ, as well as accessories from the world renowned Nine West and the multi-brand concept store ST GE.


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