Credits: Juliet’s blog entries written on the 11th and 14th March have inspired me to put together my thoughts and write out this blog entry.

Life is not easy – it all boils down to having excellent time management and keeping a healthy balance amongst our priorities in life. For many university undergraduates, it is inevitable that we feel overwhelmed with the stress of academics. I believe that for most of us out there, school, personal and social life and other commitments (for instance: work, relationships, CCAs) get so hectic that it feels as if we have been phased out of life itself. Every semester, my friends and I would no doubt complain about the never-ending cycle of mundane school life and how we never fail to look forward to the impending holidays. We feel as if our lives have been displaced and that much of our leisure/free time would eventually be spend on group meetings, projects and assignments. Basically, it’s revolving all around school work and more school work or finding related internships/work to build up on our resumes. It’s a common sight to find every undergraduate vying for internships at prestigious workplaces and companies since after all, companies in society these days do not only look out for an individual’s ability to excel in terms of academics and grades but also, one’s achievements outside of school and experiences in life. The more experience that you have in a related field, the higher is your chance of securing that job. Don’t you realized that for some students, they are just doing the degree just because it guarantees a paper qualification and internships just to beautify their resumes and not to lose out to their peers. On another note, some students have also been persuaded by their parents or peers to take up say, a business or science degree rather than an arts degree only because a more specialized degree has been said to be preferred by companies. Yes, we have become slaves to living our life for the future: devoting the bulk of our lives in pursuing such exposure and experiences in order to establish a gratifying portfolio. But I guess that is unavoidable since everyone would want a good career that would assure us of a solid rice bowl and bring in the monetary gains for us.

Talking about priorities in life has led me to thinking about another question: that is, how many of us out there actually have a clear and vivid idea of what we want for our future? I don’t mean just career plans, but say short-term goals for the year. I’m pretty sure the answer is no, in the sense that majority of us are either still pretty clueless or vague about our plans. Or that we just enjoy procrastinating.

I would gladly admit that I’m a huge-time procrastinator – I do have a lot of plans for my future and the short-term goals that I would like to achieve but more often than not, I feel that procrastination gets the better of me. In the end, it’s either due to my own laziness that some things don’t get done (like my aim of getting a driving license by year end and scuba diving license by 2007 … none is done yet!) or just unfortunate luck (getting a job at Awfully Chocolate but due to the clash of training schedules, I decided to forgo it but that’s okay because now, it would mean more time spend with baby over weekends. Haha). And I do admit in following the crowd at times too – take for example, obtaining a driving license. Seriously, Im only considering taking a license only because most of my friends already have theirs or that everyone else is telling me that it’s good to get one. Yea, talk about the influence of peer pressure. But, getting it is not something that I desire for and if I finally do so, it would be more for the sake of getting it.

That’s why I admire some of my friends for knowing exactly what they want in life and putting their hearts into getting it done. It’s good to aspire for high standards and as Abby and Amanda put it “to exceed expectations” – people who are absolutely brilliant, determined and driven to not only accomplish the goals that they set for themselves but to do it with style. Such aspirations that they have definitely propel them in achieving their aims with much enthusiasm and zeal. My youngest sister, Amanda is also one excellent example. I couldn’t have been more proud of her and her long list of achievements that she accomplished despite her young age … excelling in school, CCA, and holding many leadership positions. Some might call her an over-achiever or an overt perfectionist but admit it, there is no denying that her determination to improve herself and enhance her knowledge is a testament to making dreams turn into reality. Everyone loves to day-dream and talk about big plans but if no effort is being done, then it’s going to be pretty much pointless and useless.

Honestly, I really do look up to some of my friends for the certain stuff that they do: like Cherie – fulfilling her dreams of setting up a blogshop so that she can have a taste of how’s it like managing a business. Or Abby who’s keeping a good balance with excelling in school, being in the student council, giving tuition to aid her own expenses and working in a marketing firm … all while still maintaining her list of distinctions! Sara, my best friend – who’s really dedicated and devoted to Christianity that she intends to work in the missionary field in future. Denise- gosh, I don’t even know where to start with… yes, she’s the first poly graduate to obtain the PSC Scholarship and many other countless of awards. Been a girl who knows what she wants in life since secondary school days and im so glad that things are working out pretty darn fine for her.

To quote Juliet, “your life is what you make out of it … the journey in the end is what that matters, if you have your end in sight.”


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