.volunteer for Singapore Fashion Festival.

Headed for the Singapore Fashion Festival briefing at Lasalle-College of Arts.
Ah, just when I thought I finally have the chance to volunteer for something as massive as the SFF, the truth turned out that there are many girls vying for the slots as well so ultimately, it will still be a first-come-first-serve basis. Volunteered for the role of a ‘dresser’ but honestly, I wouldn’t mind being an usher or packer either. Just as long as Im given the rare opportunity to be involved in a fashion runway show, and Im satisfied. Right now, I suppose I just got to rely on my lucky stars and luck. huh, luck – something that’s so unpredictable and over-rated.



On another note, there’s such a wide array of subjects that I can take when I head over to UB that Im so spoilt for choices lol. Should I consider taking 5 modules (3 communications, 1 humanities and 1 social science) for Fall semester so that when I return for the last semester, Im only left with 1 biz-marketing module? Which I know, sounds quite dumb.  But Im pretty sure that with the extra time at hand, Im bound to find other more meaningful stuff to do – perhaps, work? volunteer? pursue interest and hobbies that i’ve been contemplating to take but somehow, being a procrastinator brings out the lazy side of me?

My current choices :

Public Relations
Promotional Writing
Communications Graphics
Myths and Religion Ancient World (about the Greek and Roman mythology!)
Social Psychology



2 responses to “.volunteer for Singapore Fashion Festival.

  1. volunteery work is good, ask me along if ure going!

  2. babe! i dont think it’s possible cz we signed up for the slots ystd already. and he would only call us if there are vacancies. but fret not, u can still attend the fashion shows as a guest lol! 🙂

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