.different types of friends.

The French novelist Anais Nin once remarked “I cannot concentrate all my friendship on any single one of my friends because no one is complete enough in himself.” Everyone knows that having just 1 best friend is never enough. Each individual has so many different needs in his/her life and as such, it would be almost impossible for one person to accomodate and cater to the varying needs. An article I came across quite awhile ago mentioned that there are 5 fundamental types of best friends that everyone would have: Adviser, Critic, Cheerleader, Fashion Stylish and finally, the Party-goer.

The one whom you always turn to in times of need or when you need a listening ear. A confidante, listener and adviser- you know that you can trust in her to give you advice when you hit a rough spot in your life. The loyal companion since he/she would most probably see you through the toughest periods of our life thus far and needless to say, have been there for you. I suppose this category of friends are the ones who are the most essential of all friends imaginable. They know you as a person and inside out. You know that they will love you no matter what.

On most occasions, the one who has a great sense of humour and who will inevitably perks you up and bring a smile to your face. Feeling sad but wanting to inject some positivity back in your life? Well, the cheerleader spirit in that particular friend is definitely what you are looking for, in order to capture the silly yet fun moments.

Who can tell you that what you are wearing isn’t exactly flattering for you figure? Or that you have put on too much weight? Indeed, the critics are the ones who frankly jolt us back to reality from time to time. She or He would not be afraid to give you criticism – perhaps, the one who keeps you down-to-earth and grounded. Most people wants to be Mr or Miss NICE, and most would sugar-coat the truth in order not to hurt you in one way or another. People very often prefer to listen to the nice stuff that they would rather hear and obmit those negative feedbacks that they get… but your friends who belong to the Critic group would not think twice about criticising you if the situation deems for it(but of course, in a tactful manner). Afterall, it’s through criticism and feedbacks that we learn to mature and nurture.

Fashion Stylist:
Very obviously, she/he gives you the tips to becoming the hottest person with the fab outfit in town. You turn to her for fashion ideas when you feel that you are stuck in the rut in this aspect … and wanting to create more of a lasting impression through your appearance and dressing. This might not be exactly necessary as some of us prefer to dress according to our own style or read up on fashion-oriented magazines and websites for ideas on accessorizing our outfit or creating our style. And then again, there are many people out there would think fashion is just being frivolous and flamboyant and that there’s so much more other important priorities in life that take precede over fashion and style.

Always loving parties, she/he will be the one you turn to when you need a little partying in your life. Product launches in glitzy clubs? Promotions and Events? Yes, you got it all covered with this party-goer friend of yours. Your party-loving friend is your right-hand man when it comes to bringing the house down with your wild dancing and antics as well as, downing ridiculous amounts of alcohol. It’s all about partying and fun, baby!

Every single of our friends has certainly played an impact on our lives to some extent and have a purpose that they serve in an individual’s life. Sure, in my opinion- there are many other more classifications outside of the ones given here regarding the different types of friendship. In fact, one friend could also fulfil a couple of roles – for instance, she could be both your adviser and critic or heck, all 5 types to some extent. As I try to figure out which category of friend i fall under, I realised that I do likewise played all 5 roles at various points of my life to different groups of friends. However, the status of friendship changes over-time so even if we are an ‘adviser’ or ‘cheerleader’ to a particular friend at this point of time, that particular category might not be guaranteed given the evolution of friendships. We just got to remember that it’s the growth of the quality of friendship and those memorable moments that we share that hold so closely to our hearts.
So, what type of friend are you?


Note from Marvin, Director of MoST

On 29th and 30th of March – we have 2 OPENING DAYS for MUSEUM OF
SHANGHAI TOYS and our neighbour,POST MUSEUM, not only Free Entry, but
also have a mini Bazar @ MoST and PM (Post Museum). Would you please
to send this info to your friends who are interested to visit our
museum but not yet visiting? Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Warmest regards

Marvin Chan
Museum of Shanghai Toys


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