Guest blogger No. 1 : Mk the BF

Good day everyone,this is guest blogger, the BF here.

 This special appearance was made in request of Ms Stephanie He aka blisschic aka My Asshole and this can be almost as random as random can be.

 Oh yup, Stephanie’s live on video call now gorging macadamia nuts ice cream.

 So what’s there to say? other than life and my asshole being so awesome, i guess there’s nothing else that i would like to add on.

 To all readers, please do visit often. to give my asshole the motivation in concientious blogging.

 that’s all. oh  yea some random pictures of 

ASSHOLE! Isn’t my asshole so lovely?

 oh yea visit me at seizeandlive.blogspot too. Free advert for me. how good.

2 responses to “Guest blogger No. 1 : Mk the BF

  1. yea. and u call me “asshole”. hrmph :p
    what if others think that u are verbally abusing me lol? haha. love u, idiot :p

  2. asshole, darling, bitch, honey.. it does not matter what words i use to represent my affection for you. Sugarlips. muahuahakuahuahaha

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