.2 days 2 nights.

A new addition to our growing family. An utterly chubby and fat silver grey syrian girl.
Haven’t exactly thought of the ideal name for her yet but she’s being nicknamed “Fat Girl” by me so far. Trust me, she’s heavy and she eats hell ALOT!!!


Not forgetting about our lil’ Dustball 🙂 He’s grown much larger now too, plus his fur is getting longer too. Don’t ask me who I prefer more for i love them both so dearly. MK’s biased though, he prefers Fat Girl cz she’s more tame and easier to handle due to her larger size too. Dustball, on the other hand, is always wanting to be on the move lol, behaving exactly just like a little boy. and yes, he gets horny and hyper-active too whenever he senses Fat girl’s presence. gosh!


Picture of the day! Both Fat Girl and Dustball getting acquainted with each other! I really love this shot, it’s like a mirror reflection of them both. And, they have this really innocent facial expression.


ps: pardon the rusty cages, we are getting tanks for them to stay in 🙂

I think having hamsters in our lives have made us turn to become more domesticated, wanting to stay at home more often than heading out. Spending precious time with our little darlings. Or perhaps, it’s just due to our pure laziness. Needless to say, we still managed to head out to the nearby Tong Shui Cafe for our dinner. Such colourful and bright interior designs, makes us both happy.


And then hopping over to Liquid Kitchen for drinks. It’s been quite awhile since we both had a short, lovely drinking session together. Well, I don’t quite enjoy alcoholic drinks to begin with.. really poor tolerance for alcohol. So different from baby. I love “Sex On the Beach” – a sweet and yummy cocktail, just what i like.  


Saturday! It’s an orgasmic japanese food session for us both. Made reservations for two for at Ikoi for ala carte buffet, and u simply cannot imagine the amount of food we ate over 2hours. It was sheer madness. Picture Galore of food. Some highlights include 5 servings of assorted sashimi(ordered 3 times), 8 ebi tempura(prawns) amongst other mixed tempura dishes, sushi, soba, curry rice … etc etc. Our best food investment to-date as it costs only $33++/each  for free flow of food.
Alright, I never thought I would say this but honestly, baby and i are scared of sashimi and jap food now… haha, overdose of it lol. So, we would be avoiding jap food at all costs in the meantime.



Am finally done with the uploading of the pictures of food and more food. I guess, baby and I would be astonished to see how much food we can gobble up in just 1 session when we look back at these pictures together. So, what’s the next best thing to do after a hearty meal? Go have a stroll together and so, we decided to check out MoST. 🙂
That is: Museum of Shanghai Toys. Admission only $3 for students(with local bank cards).

A little info about MoST- the first museum in the world to exhibit vintage oriental toys, and it boasts an extensive collection of toys that originated from Shanghai China from the period of 1910s to 1970s.


Can’t really appreciate the collection for it’s not our generation of toys but nevertheless, it’s still amazing to see how someone can be so devoted to collecting ancient toys and making this museum “a testament to his lifelong labour of love” for oriental toys. Though a really small museum(basically just a storey of toy collection) but it’s feels quaint and radiates a homely feeling. Im kinda freaked out by the dolls though (apparently, the first few series of dolls made in China were mainly used for burial purposes). I can just imagine them coming alive at night and giving me nightmares!



I don’t even know where to begin…
Im So In Love With YOU.
I feel like im in an utter state of utopia, where everything seems beautiful and perfect.
It’s hard to explain. Even through disagreements, there’s still the burning desire to want to work things work properly so that at the end of the day, it only serves to bring us closer – what we want is a relationship that goes through stormy times and  still endures.
Even yesterday, when baby was packing to leave for home, I couldn’t help but to tear a little. Parting is difficult, even though it’s just a week before I get to see him again. Nothing beats spending time with him. When someone is such an integral part of your life, it just becomes hard to bid farewell.



6 responses to “.2 days 2 nights.

  1. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesee crybaby.

    with love.

  2. im so loving ur hamsters! cant wait to get mine too ((:

  3. are u gonna get yours from candice? i wonder which ones will u get? i love them all, it’s always so difficult for me to leave her dorm lol. adorable hamsters! 🙂

  4. i can’t figure out what i’m going goo-goo-ga-ga over.

    The -ooo- little fur balls right at the top?

    The ahh -drool, shivers- yummy food in the middle?


    The -awww- so sweet pictures of both of you at the bottom!


    haha =P

  5. im pretty sure the utterly adorable pictures of the hamsters win hands down lol. my friends who saw those pics were like ‘gosh, so cute!’ or ‘my heart totally melt when i saw the pics of your hams’ … etc.

    esp the one which dustball meets fat girl!!! 🙂

  6. hahahah i should think so too! Fat girl’s really er.. fat. hahaha

    they’re sweetie pies!! gahh!! Keep smiling like an idiot whenever i read your blog

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