.it’s mid-week.

This is the reason why despite the unsatisfactory pay, im still enjoying my days at the tuition centre!
The company of these sometimes overly-naughty and mischievous kids …
It can be a major headache at times, but honestly without them and the insane amount of noise they make, life at the centre would pretty much be rather mundane. I understand that some pple do not like kids but in general, i love most of them. never fails to bring a smile to my face 🙂









And got to meet up with Sok Yin after tuition, at our usual spot – Toa Payoh. Here’s the romantic place that never fails to attract us whenever we are in the tpy heartland area. Call it our “romantic place aka secret garden hideout” where we would have our 3-4 hours long conversation together. Have been telling her that I would bring my bf to check out this place but alas, that romantic place belongs to just sok and me thus far.





Today’s meet-up was real special. While Sok and I have already been the best of friends for a good 8 years thus far and been through quite a bit of adventure together … today however just brought about a whole new level to our friendship and thus, fostered a closer bond between us both 🙂 you know that we will both always be there for each other, my dear.


Finally. The person-in-charge of the Singapore Fashion Festival emailed us regarding the briefing date so that means, there’s a possibility that I could be volunteering for SFF afterall 🙂  really looking forward to it, even though it could mean a struggle to get more things done within the limited time frame. School, MK baby, SFF, friends,tuition and hamsters- it’s okay, I can do it 🙂 And everyone’s turning 21 soon … 3 21st birthday parties in the weekend of 5th and 6th April and a following 21st birthday celebration for Sok on the 12th. Ahh, got to spend $$$. and then, baby’s leaving for OBS on the 8th. till 23rd April!!! gonna miss him like crazy, im pretty sure of that 😦


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