.a lovely time for us both.

Ah, this weekend didn’t turn out to be as great as i thought or hoped …
alot of things screwed up and honestly, it was sucky and just terrible.
feeling low and down … like i wasted opportunities and that im giving up on some stuff too easily. i hate giving up on things when i know that perhaps, i could have achieved better had i put in more effort.. and giving up chances that could have added more excitement to my life experiences. Feel like I have full control of my life, and i must utilise it more.
And I know as super cheesy and cliche as it might sounds … He really brightened up my weekend. It’s really the small, little actions that counts. Maybe being in love really clouds everything else and makes things seem so wonderful.

Dessert at Coffee Club @ Paragon (Saturday)
after focus group project and shopping for a new laptop case for my laptop…


I think the muddy mud pie is their must-try dessert?
saw another 2-3 couples ordering the exact same dessert lol.
This refreshing mojito drink goes real well with the pie too.


Trying out the different mosaic shots and frames that my new handphone provides…
Quite a fun handphone lol.


East Coast Park (Sunday):
registered Dustball for the “Hamsters: Chariot of Fire” competition and honestly, we were both really looking forward to this event together but the heavy downpour, and our lack of direction at ECP just ruined the opportunity. Utterly disappointed- just cant seem to get my plans flow in the direction that i wanted this weekend. Ended up strolling along the beach & sitting on the sand … admiring the peace and breeze. You hold me in your arms and told me that it’s alright that things might not have gone the way we wanted but more importantly is that we are both enjoying the moment together. It was just a simple affair but i think im loving you even more …


Started talking about our favourite and memorable dates …
In his opinion, it was the date after I returned from Egypt and he gave me a photo album as a christmas present. The motive behind it might sound cheesy to some but of course to me, it was a sweet thought that he had.
So… more pictures to be added to our album collection, which we have yet get any of our pictures developed!!
collecting dust on my shelf lah. darn. our laziness shouldn’t be an excuse lol.



I hate sundays nowadays… Only because I know it’s the day that I have to bid farewell to you… Time spent with you is never enough … counting the days till May approaches. Tioman, here we come. Just hope that the sudden changes in the weather wouldn’t put a damp on the trip – seaside paradise 🙂

Just for you 🙂


4 responses to “.a lovely time for us both.

  1. did anyone say u look like lishanshan? the Hongkong beauty! ure pretty!! (: and hw did u noe Dawn?

  2. hi there 🙂
    oh, thanks 🙂 u flatter me lol.
    which Dawn are you talkin about lol?

  3. dawn yang!!

  4. haha, babe! i dunno dawn yang personally at all lol… 🙂 she’s a babe though!

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