.it’s vanessa + olivia time.

Took up this traditional japanese dance assignment … gosh, note to self: no more dance for me in future, im a real klutz when it comes to this. now, just got to practice practice practice!! hai, sometimes i want to get so much breadth in the different experiences that i might take up more than i can handle and now, it’s time to struggle to keep a balance among final time for projects, tuition work and this event. i really hope i can obtain a better grasp of the dance steps, routines and the graceful-ness that comes along with it. SAT, SUN = more practises! busy 😦

On a less stressful note, headed out with olivia and vanessa on thursday 🙂



Pampering session for vanessa and me ….
$34 for classic pedicure and express manicure, not too expansive. besides, our nails were in dire need of cleaning of our dry cuticles. and i always enjoy having pretty nails too.  
In the mood for girly pink! love the hand-painted black rose, nice!
On the other hand, olivia got herself a limited edition ‘E’CLAT D’ARPEGE’ fragrance(50ml) by Lanvin.



Kim Ah Joong seems so lovable in this video!

Finally, it’s friday again. That means I get to see Baby real soon again 🙂
If all goes well, we should be heading down to view syrian pups 🙂 later and perhaps, get a syrian sable boy to join us and dustball.
Focus group project, ‘Showtime by the Beach’ event, and more dance practises … busy weekend!


4 responses to “.it’s vanessa + olivia time.

  1. happening and fulfilling life..
    =] express manicure got clean cuticles?

    hee.. i only went once. =X
    currently not my kind of enjoyment…

  2. no. express only consists of buff,shape and polish. head to bugis village, cheaper lol. alternatively, i know of this home-based manicurist at tpy who does classic mani and pedi at just $30 for students! super cheap, i wanna try soon!!!

  3. is the 3rd person a man wearing a wig in the pic?

  4. of course, no! she’s my girlfriend. I think the picture was just not well-taken but in reality, she’s a real hot babe. 🙂

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